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Контрольная работа по 10 модулю (Spotlight 6)

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Module 10

6th form


1. Fill in the correct word.

buy attend do have visit

stay spend taste post travel

1) Do you know where I can ___ these letters?

2) When Sue and Paul go on holiday they always ___ souvenirs.

3) Mary wants to ___ a performance at the theatre.

4) We often ___ local food when travel to exotic countries.

5) They are going to ___ some sightseeing in the afternoon.

6) When are you going to ___ London?

7) Why don’t we ___ a picnic on Sunday?

8) Jess wants to ___ in a luxurious hotel.

9) Anna decided to ____ around the world.

10) How are you going to ___ your weekend?

2. Choose the most suitable grammar form.

1) Ann is visiting New York. She will / is going to see the Empire State Building.

2) It is too cold in the room. I am going to / will close the window.

3) Tonight we will have / are having dinner with the Smiths.

4) Somebody is at the door. I am going to / will open it.

5) Finally we bought the tickets! We are flying / will fly to Greece on Friday.

6) Can’t you hear? The phone is ringing! Are you going to / will you answer it?

7) She will study / is going to study history at the university next year.

8) Look! It’s sunny outside. I am going to / will wear my favourite sunglasses.

9) We haven’t got any oranges. Are you buying / Will you buy some?

10) Look at those big black clouds. It is definitely going to / will rain.

3. Match the questions to the responses.

1) It is so stuffy here. May I open the window? a) Sure. Here you are.

2) Could I use your Smartphone? b) Of course, you may.

3) Can I ride your bike? c) Fine. We’ll all go home soon.

4) Could I have a glass of juice, please? d) No way! You’ll crash it again.

5) Could I borrow some money? e) OK. Will you call your mum?

6) May I leave now? f) I’m afraid I don’t have any with me.

4. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1) Monday / computer / a / Monica / buy / going / is / to / new / next

2) Bobby / tomorrow / flying / to / is / Mexico.

3) afternoon / shopping / going / is / this / Marta

4) going / it / be / cold / next / freezing / is / to / week

5) cities / visit / you / what / are / to / on / going / holidays?

5. Read the text and answer the questions.

To: brian@redmail.com

Subject: Holiday plans!

Dear Janice,

Thanks for your email. Let me tell you about our plans for summer holiday!

In June, I’m going to Sochi with my family. We are going to fly to Adler-Sochi International Airport and to stay at the Almira Hotel. Then, I’m going fishing with my father. My sister is going to see some films at the international film festival with my mum.

We are going to meet in the evenings and we are going to eat out in the colourful street cafes and restaurants. I’ll send you a postcard and tell your all about it.

Take care,


1) Who is Brian writing to?

2) When is Brian going to Sochi?

3) How is Brian’s family going to travel to Sochi?

4) Where are they going to stay?

5) What are Brian and his father going to do?

6) Where is Brian’s family going to eat?

7) What are Brian’s sister and mother going to see?

8) Whom is Brian going to send a postcard?

6. Listen to two people talking about a holiday and complete the advertisement.

Sail Away Today



Luxury Cruises

from 31st of August to13th of September

1) _______ nights on board the ship

2) _______ days travelling around the Greek islands

3) _______ day in the port of Alexandria

3 days in 4) ______

2 days in 5) ______

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