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Кратко-срочное планирование коучинга "Critical thinking"

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Short- term planning of the coaching

Date : 26.11.2015

Teacher: Maulenova Dinara Myrzabekovna


November, 26 th


«Activation of the students’ interest through the critical thinking »

The aims:

Educational :

- to introduce with the strategies of critical thinking

-to forward participants to achievement the goals

-introducing with new technologies in teaching for development students’ interests

-target teachers to using new approaches to learning in practice

Expected results:

the participants of coaching discuss development students’ interests during the teaching

- the teachers improve their knowledge of new approaches to learning

- they will use purposefully different approaches to learning

- independently learn about the strategies of critical thinking and its influence on the learning process and personal development

The main ideas:

- integration of new approaches in training for the development of cognitive interest

- using the modules of critical thinking


Work in groups, in pairs, individual work

Methods and techniques:

«INSERT», «Cluster», «Carousel», «Venn’s diagram», «KWL»

Modules :

Age features, Dialogic learning, ICT, Critical thinking, Management and Leadership, Evaluation


Age features, Dialogic learning, ICT, Critical thinking, Management and Leadership, Evaluation


Presentation and video “Critical thinking”, video «Warming-up»






10 minutes


1)Coacher greets the participants of coaching and present the aims.

-Good afternoon dear colleagues!

-You are welcome to our coaching!

-I’m very glad to see you.

2) Warming-up

- Let’s start our coaching with the warming –up

Pair work”

I’ll ask you to find the partner for you, look at your eyes for 30 seconds .

And now tell what kind of person can you see.

And now change the roles. Then how do you think what kind of person was your partner when she was 5 years old.

And now correct the information which you’ve listened.

Dividing into groups

3 minutes

Coacher divides the participants into 4 groups by using the different fruit.

Theoretical material

7 minutes

Module “Critical thinking ” and their strategies.

Coacher shows using one of the strategies “Thick and thin questions”

Work in groups

10 minutes

Coacher offers the different work for each group. The participants have to create one thing and then use the strategy “thick and thin questions”

1 group - coacher offers them to use the plasticine

2 group - they must use the colored paper

3 group must use the paper and markers

4 group – coacher offers them the origami techniques

Participants put thick and thin questions and try to answer.

7) Reflection

5 minutes

On the stickers participants write their opinions about the coaching. “Two starts and one wish”

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