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Лексический тест к учебнику Spotlight 8 класс модуль 3

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Test Module 3.

A. Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps.

1. toddler/infant

a) Of course Annie can’t talk yet; she’s just a four-month old ----.

b) Jamie is such a cute ----! He’s just learning to walk and he keeps falling down all the time.

2. discovered/found out

a) After a few minutes of the lecture, the professor ---- that nobody was listening to him.

b) Who exactly ---- America? Christopher Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci?

3. work/job

a) I had been looking for a good ---- before I found one.

b) Sorry, can’t speak now, have a lot of ---- to do.

4. Geography/Earth Science

a) Mary wants to travel to all those countries she studies in her ----class.

b) Jason finds ---- fascinating because he learns a lot of things about the formation and history of our planet.

5. salary/wage

a) My ---- is not too good, I earn about a thousand euros per month.

b) Your ---- depends on how many pizzas you will deliver.

6. employer/employee

a) Mr Smith is extending his company, so he needs to hire more ----.

b) His ---- gave him the pay rise, now he gets 150 ponds more.

B. Fill in the missing words. There are three words you don’t need to use.

present sound bring out overtime freelancer move came brought up deadlines sloppy research change

7. Soon the brothers ---- to the conclusion that it was heat but not smoke that lifted things.

8. He was an army officer and ---- his son like a little soldier, hoping it would build his son’s character.

9. In this laboratory students perform scientific ----.

10. What I like about working as a ---- is that I don’t have to stay in the office.

11. The salary is good, the job is rewarding, the only problem is that it’s a bit hard for me to meet ----.

12. Her husband got a new job in the other city, so they had to ---- there.

13. The animals landed safe and ---- before the eyes of a huge crowd.

14. As his father is a military man, John has to ---- schools quite often.

15. Mary has worked ---- every day this week as it’s the busiest time in the company.

E. Underline the correct item.

16. Who was on/in charge of building the Big Ben?

17. Nobody can show good results under/in pressure.

18. While/As soon as he saw the man, he immediately recognized him.

19. After the university she made a career by/in law.

20. In/At the age of 5 Mozart could play the musical instrument brilliantly.

21. Before/When Leonardo Da Vinci had a bright idea, he wrote it down in his notebook.

22. Mari Curie died by/of radioactive poisoning.

23. This job brings him about/in enough money to get by.

24. In/At the end of his report he thanked everyone for the attention.

25. While/As soon as he was working, he often glanced at the clock.

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