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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Non-open lesson for 8 grades "The leader of the XXI century"
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Non-open lesson for 8 grades "The leader of the XXI century"


The theme:The leader of the XXI century”

Class: 8

Aims of the lesson: To develop pupils’ speaking languages, to interest in learing

in English.

T: Now, boys and girls let’s begin our lesson. As you know, today we are having ‘The leader of the lessons’ according to the units ‘The master cooks’, ‘The cinema fans’, ‘The fashion designers’ and ‘Musicians club’. In order to check how we cope with the whole materials we decided to conduct lesson ‘The leader of lessons’.

There are seven participants of the game. After each round the worse player will be returned to his place. Who earns the highest score will be the winner of the game and the leader of the lessons as well.

The first round is ‘Baiga’. Each correct answer is 10 score.

  1. Name the person who writes the script of the film. Scriptwriter

  2. Name the director of the film ‘War and Peace’ won the Oscar for the best film in 1968. Bondarchuk

  3. Name the main mail character of the film ‘the X-files’. David Dukhovny

  4. Is hamburger junk food or healthy food? Junk food.

  5. What is the barbecue? Cooked and eaten outdoor meal

  6. What are the main ingredients for kebab? Meat, onion, salt

  7. What is accessories? Clothes match in colours

  8. What was Princess Diana before she got married for F. Charles? Kindergarten-teacher

  9. Name the type of material. Polka-dol

  10. Name the time of English group ‘The Beatles’ when they became world famous pop-star. In 1964

T: Now, the first round is over. Let’s clear up the worse player of this round. …, sorry, you don’t cope with this round, please go to your place.

Let’s begin our second round. The second round is Polyglot. Each correct answer is 20 scores.

You know that you are asked to find out suitable word, fill it and give Kazakh and Russian forms of this word. You will earn 20 scores for each answer.

  1. When people say theatre, music, architecture, literature and art they mean … arts – искусство - өнер

  2. If you happen to be in Almaty and go to the shop ‘Adidas’ you will buy a lot of sport … clothes – спортивные одежды – спорт киімдері

  3. Imagine you are going to a trip down the coast in a rainy weather, you will wear… raincoat – плащ – плащ

  4. Princess Diana sold her dresses no longer wore and money to … charity – благотворительности – қайырымдылық үшін

  5. The universal language of the world is … English – Английский язык – Ағылшын тілі

  6. Winnie The Pooh is a … bear – медведь – аю

T: We must count the sums of the scores played in the second round. Who will leave the floor? Who earns little scores?

I’d like to encourage you to be brave, not to be slow and be more attentive.

Now, the third round is called ‘Splendid sevens’. There are 7 kinds of tasks. You may choose the number yourselves.

The first row is Grammar Materials

The second row is The Master Cook

The third row is The Musical Club

Grammar Materials

  1. Write the sentence in the Passive Voice

I spent much time in the kitchen. Much time was spent in the kitchen

20 Give sentences using Modal Verbs.

We must study a lot in order to get knowledge

  1. Speak about Princess Diana in the Past Tense

The Master Cook

10 There is a mess in the kitchen. Look, milk is spilt. Give advice on how to tidy it up. You should mop it up.

20 Prize 20 scores

30 Prize 30 scores

The Musician Club

10 Name a song performed by ’The Beatles’. ‘A girl’

20 Who is scripter of Kazakh film ‘Taukymet’? Dulat Issabekov

30 Translate into English

«Классикалық әуен кез-келген адам үшін емес,

ол – элиталар үшін»

Classic music is not for everyone but for elite

T: Princess Diana was a kindergarten teacher. She began to her step on the fashion stage. At least she became Queen of style. After her divorce from Charles she resigned charities.

Now, the next round ‘Lively questions’

Questions are asked to all the participants all of them will give their versions.

  1. Where is Disneyland?

A. Los Angeles B. Las-Vegas C. Dallas

2. Which of these Presidents was Hollywood actor?

A. R. Reagan B. J. Kennedy C. J. Bush

3. Name an uncountable noun.

A. money B. car C. flat

4. When is Thanksgiving Day?

A. November B. October C. May

5. What is Vivenne Westword

A. a designer B. a tailor C. a model

T: Round V is ‘Speaker’. Speak on

  1. Eating out.

  2. Fashion in my passion.

  3. If I were a Fashion designer.

T: Well, the last VI round is ‘Zhorga’. We must choose the best player of the game. I’m going to put 10 questions and you are responsible to answer them.

  1. 1. What can you by at Levi’s store?

  1. Whom was lyrics of the song ‘Yesterday’ written by?

  2. Who wrote the music of the musical ‘Cats’?

  3. Translate the sentence «Футболканы қайдан сатып алуға болады?»

  4. Name a person whose job is to cut and arrange hair?

  5. Name «Котлеты» in English

  6. Where are meals prepared, sold, eaten, their price is high.

  7. What country became highly developed in cooking in ancient?

  8. What food were brought from America?

  9. What is Hollywood? (Film industry city)

  1. 1. On what occasion did France give ‘The Statue of Liberty’ to the USA?

(On 100th anniversary of independence)

2. Name «Шашлык» in English. (Kebab)

3. What is «Голубцы»? (Rolled cabbage stuffed with meat)

4. Translate the sentence «Мына ветровка маған жараса ма?»

(Does this wellington suit me?)

5. Name a person who takes pictures of fashion

6. What is ‘Spiritual’?

7. Who performed the song ‘A girl’ in ‘Beatles’?

8. What can you buy at the shop ‘Muzhskaya Moda’ (men’s clothes and shoes)

9. What do you think abbreviation stand for? (p.)

10. Name the best musical in the history hours of Broadway in the UK. (Cats)

T: The person who answers to the questions earn a lot of scores will be leader of the lesson and may be prized.

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