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План урока "I'll be a doctor"

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6 класс

Урок английского языка

Учитель: Рябова А.В.

Date: 11.03.2014

Theme: I’ll be a doctor

Aim: to fix grammar material “Future Simple” through new lexical material “Professions”

Type: assimilation of new knowledge
Method: Audio-visual
Aids: colours, cards, computers, new words.

Objectives: a) to develop pupils knowledge of the English in writing reading, speaking.

b) to introduce pupils with new material,

c) to bring up pupils interests in different professions and to help them to love them; to enlarge pupils' vocabulary.

Forms of work in the classroom: work in pairs, group work, private work

Lesson phase

-Good afternoon, guys! Glad to see you! Take your seats.

Good morning, good morning, good morning to you

Good morning, good morning, we glad to see you

Individual work

II. Asking the home task.


Let’s guess puzzle

What was the grammar of last lesson?

What was the home task?

let’s check your home task

Учащиеся разгадывают кроссворд индивидуально, проверяют в парах. Обрабатывают в группе

- Future simple

P 127 ex 10b(you)

Individual work

III. New lesson






-what will be the theme of the lesson?

- We shall begin professions.

Учащимся раздается текст с пропусками

Did you guess what present groups?

Now let’s sing song and put missing words

Well done! Now let’s make ex 4 p.128

Ask your right neighbor

Учащиеся делятся на группы собирая пазл, с профессиями


The first group - "a doctor".

 Doctor: Good afternoon!

 Patient: Good afternoon! Doctor: What's the matter?

 Patient: I have a headache.

 Doctor: Take some aspirin.

 Patient: Ok. Thank you. Good bye!

 A doctor: "Take care of your health".

The second group — "a teacher". I'll ask you some questions and you must answer them.

What's your name?

Which class are you in?

What subjects do you like?

Who's your English teacher?

A teacher: "Learn English better".

The third group - "a driver".

I can drive a car. I'll ask some questions about different kinds of cars.

Question: Where is your Niva from?

Answer: It's from Russia.

Q: Where is Rover come from?

A: Britain

Q: Where is Audi come from?

A driver: "Be careful when you drive

The fourth group — "a singer".

We will sing you a song: “If you’re happy and you know it”.

You are excellent singers! Thank you.

A singer: "Be merry!"

- yes

Nigel Naylor, he’s a tailor, he makes trousers, suits and shirts.

Penny Proctor, she’s a doctor, come to see you when it’s hurts.

Peter Palmer, he’s a farmer he’s got cows and pigs and sheep.

Wendy Witter, babysitter minds the kids when they’re asleep.

People work in the country, people work in the town.

People work day and night to make the world go round.

Mable Miatcher, language teacher, teaches English, French and Greek.

Gary Gummer, he’s a plumber, call him when you’ve got a leak.

Patty Prentice, she’s a dentist, keeps your teeth both clean and white.

Ronnie Ryman, he’s a fireman, comes when fire’s a fire to fight.

People work in the country, people work in the town.

People work day and night to make the world go round.

-What will you be when you are 25?

-I’ll be a.....

Group work,

Work in pairs (критическое мышление,новые подходы в обучении, ОдО, ОО, ИКТ, возрастные особенности

IV reflexing

Putting marks






V home task

2 min

Make up information about: different professions


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