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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия День Святого Валентина

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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для 8-9классов

StValentines Day


  • Совершенствовать речевые навыки учащихся.

  • Прививать интерес к иноязычной культуре.

  • Способствовать построению межличностных отношений

между мальчиками и девочками.

  • Способствовать развитию творческой активности учащихся.

  • Развивать интерес к предмету.

( на сцене двое ведущих) (Приложение, слайды 1,2,3.)

- Love! Happiness! Beauty!

- Today we pronounce these pleasant words with greatest affection.

- It’s a special day today! Happy St’ Valentines Day!

( ведущие поздравляют друг друга с праздником и дарят друг другу валентинки)

- Here’s a special valentine

With lots of love for you

And since you are very special

Here are hugs and kisses too!

  • I am ready for solution.

Give all kinds of contribution

To the ours strongest love,

You are my pretty, you are my dove.

- St’ Valentines Day has become a day customary for choosing sweethearts & exchanging love-tokens. It can be a kind of a game. So it is today.

- Dear friends! We’ve gathered here today to celebrate St’ Valentines Day!

- I hope that this holiday will bring you lots of fun.

- We’ll speak about love, recite poems, sing songs, about love, and have interesting contests.

- You can see the participants of our party. They are 10, 5 boys and 5 girls.

- I think it’s time to choose pairs!

- Oh, yes! Let’s play a lottery! Dear boys and girls! Will you take the heart with the number.

Show us your numbers.

Мальчики и девочки выбирают свой номер из корзины. Девочка и мальчик с одинаковым номером образуют пару для участия в конкурсах

- Pair 1, you may take your place on the stage. Pairs 2,3,4,5, you are also welcome.

( звучит музыка )

- Will you introduce yourselves! ( Участники представляются на английском языке)

- Let me introduce our honorable jury. Applause, please.

- What is the key word of St’ Valentines Day? Yes, it’s love. But there are a lot of other words which associated with this holiday.

Contest 1

- Let’s play auction “ My St’ Valentines Associations”

(Выигрывает пара, назвавшая большее количество слов)

- Well done. We see that you know the language of love.

Contest 2

- You know, if you want to be a good husband or wife in the future, you should know sweet words to tell your partner. And now each boy and each girl will say compliments to each other.

Stand opposite each other and say all sweet words you know, coming to each other till you meet.

- We’ll count the words.

- Pair 1, you are welcome.

- It’s fantastic! Thank you.

- It’s your turn. ( all pairs in turn_)

Contest 3

  • Now we’ll see how good you are at literature and art. Match the famous couples. Time- 2 min.


  1. Adam a. N.Chavchavadse

  2. Napoleon b. Caesar

  3. John Lennon c. Orpheus

  4. Rat Buttler d. Juliet

  5. Tristan e. Ludmila

  6. Ruslan f. Isolda

  7. Romeo g. Scarlet O’Hara

  8. Eurydice h. Joko

  9. Cleopatra i. Josephine

  10. Griboedov j. Eve

Ключ: 1j, 2i, 3h, 4g, 5f, 6e, 7d, 8c, 9b, 10a.

(пока участники выполняют задание, ведущие играют со зрителями)

-Dear boys and girls! Let’s play too. Look at the screen. You can see the words-

The, makes, go, round, world, love. It’s a proverb. Will you guess it?

( Приложение, слайд 4)

- Let’s play Odd one out and we'll get another proverb.( Love is blind)

( Приложение, слайд 5)

  • Dear participants, your time is over. Give your sheets to the jury.

Contest 4

- Very often people speak about love in poems. And what about you? Will you try to create a short rhyme with the following words :

Day- say

You- too

Love- dove

Mine- Valentine

Heart- Sweetheart

( Пока участники сочиняют стихотворение, зрители слушают стихи о любви на английском, немецком и французском языках)

-We are sure that you know a lot of poems about love. Now you have a chance to recite them.

Contest 5

- You are good poets! But sometimes we can’t talk about love, we can show it. So, try to pantomime these words to another pairs so that they can name them.


a flower,

a kiss,

a guitar,

a heart

Valentine’s Day: Amazing facts ( приложение слайды 10,11, 12, 13)

Contest 6

-Now we'll see how well you know Valentine’s symbols

You should name the symbol and say what it means.

Пары по очереди называют доставшиеся им символы Дня Святого Валентина и объясняют их.

Contest 7

- You know that on St’ Valentines Day people make cards and send them to each other.

- So, try your best and make a Valentine Card now. You have only 5 minutes!

(пока участники рисуют валентинки, на сцене звучат песни о любви в исполнении учащихся)

- Will you present your cards? Fantastic!

- And now the highlight of the party. We’ll hear the names of the winners.

- Let’s finish our party with a lovely song “My Love” (Приложение, слайды 20, 21, 22,23.)

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