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Текст по английскому языку "Красавица и чудовище" 4 класс

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рочитай текст.

Belle and the Spell.


Belle is very beautiful. She lives in a small village with her father, Maurice. Maurice is an inventor. He makes crazy machines.

Gaston lives in the village too. He loves Belle, but he loves himself more! He wants to marry Belle, but she prefers to read book.

One night, on his way home with his horse and cart, Maurice gets lost in the woods. It is very dark. Maurice is chased by wolves and his horse runs away. Maurice has to escape! Luckily, he discovers some gates. The gates lead to a very tall castle. Maurice is amazed. He walks slowly towards the castle and goes inside.

The castle is magic! Inside, everything is alive, even the clock and the candlestick. Suddenly, the Beast arrives. Maurice is terrified.

Meanwhile, Maurice’s horse has run all the way home. Belle is worried. “Where is my father?” she asks. She decides to look for Maurice.

Belle takes the horse’s reins and he leads her back to the magic castle. The bridge to the castle looks dangerous, bur Belle is not scared.

Belle searches the castle. She finds her father behind a locked door with the strong bars. Suddenly, she hears a noise. It’s the Beast!

The Beast says he will let Maurice go, but only if Belle stays in the castle forever! Belle agrees to stay, so that her father can go home.

Belle eats dinner with the Beast every night. They sit at a big table and talk. At first she doesn’t like him, but slowly they become friends.

Belle and the Beast dance together. The Beast gives a beautiful yellow dress to wear. They laugh and sing.

Back in the village, Maurice tells everyone that Belle is a prisoner in a magic castle. Everyone laughs at him, so he asks Gaston for help.

Gaston is sitting in a big chair by the fire. He still wants to marry Belle. He says he will kill the Beast. He wants people to think he’s brave.

Gaston goes to the castle. He finds the Beast outside in the rain. They fight and Gaston shoots an arrow at the Beast.

Belle sees what happens. She is very upset. She runs to the Beast, who is lying on the ground. “I love you!” she cries.

The Beast rises into the air and his cloak swirls around him. Belle is amazed. By saying “I love you”? she has broken the magic spell.

The Beast is now a prince. He asks Belle to marry him. The magic objects in the castle turn back into people. They all live happy ever after.

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