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Test for the 8th form

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Test for the 8th form

1. Complete the text with the correct form of the verb in brackets

When Mr. Smith ___1___(get up) in the morning the weather was very bad. It ____2_____(be) very bad. It ____3____(be) cold outside and it ____4___(rain) heavily. He was about to leave for his office when he ____5_____(find) that all his umbrellas _____6____(be ) out of order. So he ___7___(take) his umbrellas to the umbrella-maker and ___8___(say) that he ____9____(come) back and take them in the evening.

In the afternoon Mr. Smith ____10__(go) to have lunch at a restaurant. A lady ___11____(come) in and ____12____(sit) down at his table and ____13_____(have) lunch. Mr. Smith ___14____(leave) earlier. By mistake Mr. Smith ____15___(take) her umbrella and ____16___(go) to the door. However, the lady ____17___(ask) him to give her umbrella back. “Oh, I ___18____(be) sorry,” ___19___(say) Mr. Smith. In the evening Mr. Smith ____20___(take) his umbrellas from the umbrella-maker and _____21____(get) on the train. The young lady ____22___(be) on the same train too. She _____23____(look) at his umbrellas and ____24____(say), “You ______25___(have) a good day, ___26_____you?”

2. Read the text and do the tasks below.

Purcell was a small man. He owned a pet shop. He sold cats, dogs, monkeys and birds. Each morning when he completed the routine of opening his shop, he sat down on a high stool behind the counter and read a morning newspaper.

It was a cold rainy day. Mr. Purcell was reading a newspaper as usual when a customer appeared in the shop and said that he wanted something in a cage. “Something in a cage?” Mr. Purcell was a bit confused. “You mean some sort of pet?” “I mean what I said!” answered the man. “Something in a cage. Something alive that is in a cage”.

I see,” said the shopkeeper not sure that he did. He started to offer different pets, but it seemed that the price was too big for the customer. At last he decided to have two white doves for five dollars. Mr. Purcell handed the cage to him.

“Listen,” the man said suddenly. “How long do you think it took me to make those five dollars?”

Mr. Purcell was in a state of panic, but he asked, “Why, how long?”

The customer laughed. “Ten years! I’ve spent ten years in jail. Ten years! Fifty cents a year!”

He took his cage and left the shop. Mr. Purcell came up to the shop window to look at the customer who was holding the cage and looking at his purchase. Then he opened the cage and took the birds out. Soon they disappeared in the grey sky.

A. Write down whether the following statements are true or false.

1. Mr. Purcell sold cats, dogs, horses and birds.

2. Each morning he had a cup of coffee.

3. The customer rejected all the offers because he could not afford the price.

4. He said that he had made those five dollars ion jail.

B. Answer the following questions.

1. Why was Mr. Purcell surprised when he heard what the customer wanted?

2. Why did he choose the doves?

3. Why did he let them out?

3. Arrange the words and expressions in pairs of antonyms.

1. burst into tears

a. finish

2. cry

b. be late

3. lose

c. useful

4. useless

d. the worst

5. wake up

e. find

6. begin

f. laugh

7. turn red

g. the happiest

8. be early

h. turn pale

9. the most unhappy

i. fall asleep

10. the best

j. burst into laughter

4. Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1. A double-decker is_______________.

a) a bus

c) a train

b) a plane

d) a hotel room

2. The Tower of London is ______________.

a) a prison

c) a museum

b) a royal


3. On the whole the climate of Great Britain is _________________.

a) dry

c) mild

b) frosty

d) tropical

4. For Christmas dinner the English usually have ________________.

a) chicken

c) fish

b) roast beef

d) turkey

5. The capital of Northern Ireland is _____________.

a) Dublin

c) Cardiff

b) Belfast

d) London

6. The kilt is ______________.

a) a shirt

c) a skirt

b) a pair of


7. The mysterious Loch Ness Monster is from ______________.

a) Wales

c) Ireland

b) Scotland

d) England

8. The most popular sport in Britain is __________________.

a) ice hockey

c) figure skating

b) baseball

d) football

9. The Beatles stared their career in ____________.

a) London

c) Liverpool

b) Birmingham

d) Margate

10. The safest topic for conversation in England is __________.

a) weather

c) politics

b) music

d) love

5. Make these nouns feminine.

1. actor -

a. bull -

2. cock -

b. lion -

3. sir -

c. waiter -

4. gentleman -

d. duke -

5. horse -

e. son -

6. nephew

f. earl -

6. Translate into English.

1. Москва была основана Юрием Долгоруким.

2. Титаник был построен в Англии.

3. Журналы печатаются на фабриках.

4. Эта книга была написана знаменитым английским писателем.

5. «Мона Лиза» была написана Леонардом да Винчи.

7. Write down Countries and Nationalities.

















8. Writing task: your foreign friend wants to visit our country. Write him a letter with your invitation in about 100-110 words.

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