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Тест в 10 классе М1

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Test, 10 th form


I. Past Tenses. Choose the correct answer.

1 Sally was travelling while I … in Japan.

A stayed B has stayed C was staying

2 What did you do yesterday? I phoned you at two. – I … at two.

A was walking B walked C has walked

3 Was Pete reading when we were drawing that picture? – Yes, …

A he was B he were C we were

4 The TV … for three hours when it suddenly broke.

A worked B has been working C had been working

5 Sue … all the house work by four.

A did B had done C had been doing

6 Pauline … to the park when a child.

A went B had gone C used to go

7 I was so happy as I … all the necessary stuff.

A had prepared B prepared C had been preparing

8 How long … you … here? – About a year.

A had been living B was living C lived

9 The child … to going to bed at nine.

A used B was used C uses

10 We … dinner from three to four yesterday.

A had B were having C had been having

II. Present Tenses/ Comparisons. Choose the correct answer.

1. Sue is … beautiful of all the girls in her class.

A the most B most C more

2. Carry is … at math than Matt.

A better B gooder C more

3 These days Garry … in London.

A lives B live C is living

4. He … his granny this Saturday.

A is visiting B visits C visit

5 The moon … around the earth.

A go B goes C is going

6 The classes … at eight in the morning.

A begin B begins C is beginning

III. Fill in: off (x2), with, for, on.

1 Nancy is very keen ……………. playing tennis.

2 Jamaica is famous ……………. its beaches and warm climate.

3 The plane took ……………. on time and we arrived in London at 2:30.

4 She is obsessed ……………. her weight and keeping fit.

5 When I left for Europe, Tony came to see me …………….

at the airport.

IV. Join the sentences. Use relatives.

1 John is my cousin. He is a magician.

2 York is a city. It is in the north of England.

3 Mark Jacobs is the author. His book became a best seller.

4 Dennis is going to Paris. He will visit the Eiffel Tower there.

5 This is the piano. He bought it at an auction.

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