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Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыУрок-экскурсия " ЛЕВАШИ "

Урок-экскурсия " ЛЕВАШИ "


Открытый урок – экскурсия в 9 « А » классе

Тема: “  Levashi – my native place  ”

Цели: развивать навыки говорения, активизировать выученную лексику по теме, контроль речевых навыков учащихся по теме; развивать умение последовательно излагать свои мысли на английском языке, анализировать , обобщать и сравнивать, самостоятельно строить речевое действие.

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, компьютер.

 Наглядность: карта Леваши, фотографии с достопримечательностями и  презентации учащихся.      

                                                     Ход урока 


 Teacher. Good   morning dear friends!  I am happy to greet you at our English lesson. Today we are going to make a very enjoyable trip. We’ll have an exciting excursion about our beautiful village.

Boys and girls! What country do you live? Do you love your village? Why?

P1;     P2;    P3; P4;   P5.  …

Teacher:   Let’s begin our trip.

   (учащиеся  показывают свои презентации и делают комментарии)

(каждый ученик выбрал для себя то, о чем ему хотелось бы рассказать)

Pupil:  Hello, ladies and gentlemen! We welcome you to Levashi! There is no other village in the Caucasus as Levashi. Levashi is the largest village and the centre of our district. More than 10 thousand people live in Levashi.

Pupil:  The head of our village Kamil Omarovich Gasanov plays a very important role in the life of Levashi. He supports the development of our village. We believe that the life in Levashi will improve because the head of our district can help to solve every problem. He controls the work of different organs and systems, he influences all spheres of life: education, medicine, politics and so on.  Dabishev Shamil  Magomedovich worries about problems of our District. The pupils and teachers of  Levashi secondary school №2 suppose that Dabishev Shamil Magomedovich and Gasanov Kamil Omarovich can run our district and village perfectly .

Pupil:  Levashi has a wide network of various cultural and enlightenment institutions  such as the Palace of Culture, museum and library, art school, and a TV centre. Newspapers are published in two local languages (darghin and avar) and in Russian. TV broadcasting is also carried out in local languages.


 Pupil:  There is an Amalgamated Museum of History and Art  in our village Levashi  which possesses a great number of exhibits on history, culture and  the art of the district.


Pupil:   In the park of Levashi there is a monument to the soldiers fallen in the battles during the Great Patriotic War.  Levashi people honour it deeply. Victory Day is a great holiday in our village. People bring flowers to this monument. War veterans tell young people how they fought during the Great Patriotic War to defend their country. Victory was won at a high price. We must think about the future and depend peace.


Pupil:   There are two children’s and youth sports schools in Levashi. Sport not only helps children to grow strong but assists their spiritual development too. There are a number of popular sports in Levashi such as Taekwondo, Ushu-Sanda, free styling, wrestling and football.


Pupil:   Levashi is also well-known for its musicians and dancers. The amateur dance ensembles “Radost “ and “Patriot” have guest performances in a number of villages of the Levashi district and were met there with a storm of applause. The repertoire of “Joy ” the best dances that reveal the very soul and character of the various nationalities inhabiting Dagestan and the Levashi district.


Pupil:   Sport is very popular in Levashi. There are some traditional sports in which Levashi  athletes have achieved high results.The most popular of them are freestyle wrestling. A number of our athlets take part in different sport competitions and bring back to Levashi gold, silver and bronze medals. The Palace of Sport is used for the different sport Competitions. Sport Complex may be called a sight in Levashi. It is used for physical training, sport and public activities.





Pupil:   Near the park you can the see the cathedral mosque. It was built in 2005. Many medressehs are opening so that the Koran can be read in the original. Some advices for those who want to visit the religious temples: the women should be dressed simply: it’s not recommended to be in mini skirts or dresses. It is necessary to cover your head with a scarf. One must keep silence, not to speak too loudly. It’s not allowed to take pictures. You are welcome to make donations to the poor.



 Pupil:   Sport plays an important role in our life. Football is popular in Levashi district. There is a football field in the centre of the village. Many pupils of our school  like to play football after lessons. Numerous district football matches are regularly held in Levashi. They attract large numbers of fans.


Pupil:   Levashi is the largest educational centre. There are three schools in our village. Levashi  secondary school №2  is the best school in the district. There are more than 800 pupils at school. Our school has many classrooms: two English classrooms, History , Geography, Physics,  Maths,  Native Language  and others. We like our school and teachers very much.


Подведение итогов урока:

Teacher:   Now our summary. The excursion has finished.  We hope that you have enjoyed this tour about Levashi . Thank you very much for your preparation and your activity at the lesson. I greatly impressed with your  presentations

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