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Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыУрок на тему"INVENTORS AND INVENTIONS"


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- развивать умение вести групповую беседу;

- развивать навыки диалогической речи;

- совершенствовать технику чтения про себя;

- тренировать в употреблении Passive Voice.

- расширять знания о великих изобретателях;

- ознакомить с достижениями науки,используемыми в повседневной жизни.


- развивать языковую догадку и речевую реакцию;

-развивать воображение учеников в условиях работы в группах и парах.


-воспитывать потребность творчества, чувство принадлежности к мировой культуре, уважение к чужому труду и творчеству.

Оснащение урока:

- карточки с заданиями,

- фото изобретателей и их изобретений,

- загадки.


І. Greeting

Т: Good morning, everybody. I’m glad to see you! There are many good and happy moments in our life. We are going to have an unusual lesson today. We’ll speak about the inventions that shook the world.

II. Main part

  1. Brainstorming

T: As you know, by the end of the 20th century, lots of inventions were made. Some of them have become so commonplace that it is difficult to imagine them as inventions. What modern inventions do people use in everyday life and why do people use them? Use the Passive Voice in your sentences.

A camera, a watch, a cordless telephone, a vacuum cleaner, a TV set, a washing machine, a gas stove.

P1: This is a camera. It is used for taking photographs.

P2: This is a watch. It is used for telling the time.

P3: This is a cordless telephone. It is used for receiving and making calls around the home.

P4: This is a vacuum cleaner. It is used for cleaning carpets and furniture.

P5: This is a TV set. It is used for watching films and different programmes.

P6: This is a washing machine. It is used for washing clothes.

P7: This a gas stove. It is used for cooking food.

T: I see. Well, you use many units and machines. And do you know the names of the most famous inventors in the world? Please, look at the screen. The pictures will help you. Use the verbs: to design; to create; to invent; to build.

P1: An automobile was built by Henry Ford.

P2: A telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

P3: A telescope was created by Galileo Galilei.

P4: A railway engine was designed by Richard Trevithick.

P5: A bicycle was designed by Karl Drais.

2.Pair work

T: Well, that's OK. And now I’ll check how you know the names of household appliances. The pupils of each group get the cards with a table. There are some cells with the pictures and some empty cells in the table. You should not show each other your card. And by means of two -way questions and answers you have to fill in the empty cells with the names of objects.

Example: Card №1; the letter E.

P1: Is it used by your family?

P2: Yes, we use it.

P1: Is it an electric appliance?

P2: Yes, it is.

P1: Is it the most useful for you?

P2: No, it is the most useful thing for my mother.

P1: Is it kept in the kitchen?

P2: Yes, it is.

P1: Is it used for washing the dishes?

P2: Yes, it is.

P1: Is it a dishwasher?

P2: You are right.

3. Explain the lexical meaning of the words in English:



-digital camera;



-vacuum cleaner;

-washing machine.

4. Riddles

T: Thank you, that was good. Now, boys and girls, work in pairs, read and guess the objects.

1. It is made of plastic.

It is used for talking to other people.

If it is kept in the house, it is called a ...

If it is carried around with you, it is called a ....

2. It is made of plastic, glass and metal.

It is used for telling the time.

It is important that it is accurate or precise.

If it is kept on the wall, it is called a ... .

If it is worn on your wrist, it is called a ....

3. It is made of plastic, glass and metal.

If you feel like eating a hot meal,

you just get your favorite prepared food

and put it into the machine,

set the dial and it is ready in minutes!

It is called a….

4. It is made of plastic, glass and metal.

It is used for washing dirty dishes automatically.

It is kept in the kitchen.

It is called a …

Key: 1) a telephone, a mobile phone; 2) a clock, a watch; 3) a microwave oven; 4) a dishwasher.

5. Reading

---- I could not live without my computer at home.

It is strange to think that one of the most powerful and richest businesses in the world is a bit more than 30 years old. I mean а computer business. Computers are widely used in offices, banks, educational institutions and in households. Here you can see some stages of the development of the INTERNET. More than 1 billion people use it nowadays. I've also got a computer. I use it all the time. It is like a typewriter and address book for me and it is also used for checking my spelling. Besides I can surf the Internet and discover everything about anything, it is a brilliant source of information. I have designed my own website and I am getting loads of information for school. Besides some websites are packed with quizzes, games and competitions, it is all you need for hours of fun on your computer. You can play and learn on it. It is absolutely essential. I don't know how I ever managed without it. hello_html_6e29927e.png

--- I could not possibly live without my car.A car is one of the most useful inventions in our life. The world's first petrol-driven car was produced by Karl Benz in Germany in 1885. The first Russian automobile was designed by P.A. Frez and E.A.Yakovlev. It had been built by May 1896. An American technological genius Henry Ford built an automobile which had a speed of 25 miles per hour in 1896.Convenience seems to be the most common and the most logical answer: cars take you where you want to go and when you want to go there. You can travel freely and comfortably wherever you want. Besides it allows you to live where you want as you can get to the place you need by car. Besides a car is a way of self-expression. I think a car is a necessity rather than a luxury.

I could not imagine my life without my phone.

I think it is the most useful invention that I can imagine. We always need to keep in touch with people, offices and different institutions. The first telephone was invented by an American engineer Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Modern telephones can be divided into stationary, cordless and mobile. At home I've got a cordless telephone. I think it saves time when you have a receiver just at hand. I've also got a mobile telephone too. I couldn't possible live without my phone. I can take it anywhere I like. I can get in touch with anybody from any place. I can call the police and the ambulance.

III. Summing up

T: And now I want to sum up the talk about the inventions and their inventors. Both at home and at work we can feel a great effect of modern technology on our lives. Сontinue my sentences:

1. The topic of our lesson was…

2. At the lesson we’ve learnt to…

3. Mobile phone is…

4. Computers will…

5. I know such gadgets and machines as…

6. I liked today’s lesson because…

7. I will always study English because…

Your homework is to write the com

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Учебник: «Английский язык», Ваулина Ю.Е., Дули Д., Подоляко О.Е. и др.

Номер материала: ДБ-904497

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