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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Educational system" (9 класс)

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The theme: Educational system

The aim: 1. To intraduse with the history and curriculum of study

of the higher education institutions in the U.S.A.

2. To develop the pupils oral and written speech

3. To teach them to be industrious.

The V.A.: pictures, cards

The beginning of the lesson:

1. Org moment

2. Phonetic drill

A amn is a fool

When its hot he wants it cool

When its cool, he wants it hot

He always wants what he has not.

3. Cheking of the home task.

The pupils will retell the text

American schools

4. Fastening

Working with cards

Dear boys and girls you know Americen school children go to school for twelwe years and you also know that education is compulsory that is it is required by low every where in the country.

You have just been told that after high schools children can go to colleges.

But most American people finish high school because it is free

A college is like a university

The difference is that university has several colleges.

By the way Our todays theme is about the histiry and curreculum of study Higher education instituons in the U.S.A.

Washington is a large scientific and cultural centre where there are many institutes’ five universities

Every satte has its own institutes colleges.

5. Reading

Now boys and girls lets read and translate the text

6. Fastening working with cards.

1. When did higher education begin in the U.S.A.?

2. How do we call that institution now days?

7. Boys and girls we have another new theme


Varration - изменение

Attend - уделять внимание

Create - создание

Government - правительство

Set - ставить

8. Then they’ll make up sentensess with these words

9. Written speech: ex 5

10. H\t: ex7

11. Marking

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