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Урок - викторина для 4 класса

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Урок-викторина по английскому языку

«I want to know everything».

I. Орг.момент. Приветствие ведущего.

Teacher: Good afternoon, children and our guests! I’m very glad to see you here. Now we shall organize a competition called " I want to know everything”. Two teams will take part in a game of the most quick-witted and the cleverest. It’s time to introduce yourselves. Who is the captain

P1: I’m the captain of the team. The name of our team is "Stars”.

Teacher: Who is the captain of the 2nd team?

P2: I’m the captain of the team. The name of our team is "Friends”. (Состав команд, их названия определяются заранее).

Teacher: Today all of you have a good chance to improve your English during the game. I have invited a competent jury to count the points. The members of our jury are your teachers ___________________.

II. Основной этап.

Teacher: And now we come to the 1st contest of the game called "The ABC game”. Kids, you’ll get some letters from the English alphabet. You must put the letters in the right order, so as to get the name of the English-speaking country. You have 1 minute at your disposal.

(Карточки с буквами: 1. Е, N, G, L, A, N, D. 2. A, M, E, R, I, C, A).

Quiz-master: And now we come to the 2nd contest which is called "A magic 5”. Look at the square, each team will take turns in answering questions. You’ll choose any number. Captains will have an opportunity to choose the number. (Капитан выбирает номер задания)

You can get 5 points for the right answer.

1. Say or sing the English alphabet.

2. Name 5 colors.

3. Name 5 sorts of vegetables.

4. Name 5 school subjects.

5. You’re lucky! You won a prize!

6. Name 5 sorts of fruit.

7. Name 5 sports.

8. Name 5 professions.

9. Name 5 things that people wear.

10. Name 5 English names.

11. Name 5 English-speaking countries.

12. Name 5 wild animals.

Дети быстро и весело отвечают на вопросы, члены команды помогают друг другу, если вытягивается номер 5, команда просто получает 5 очков.

Teacher: The 3rd contest is called "Parts and wholes”. I need 1 pupil from each team. You should combine these parts so as to get a popular name. Who will be the first? You can get 1 point for each right answer.

1. Mickey a) Claus

2. Mary b) Duck

3. Robinson c) Pooh

4. Peter d) Mouse

5. Donald e) Poppins

6. Winny-the- f) Crusoe

7. Santa g) Pan

Teacher: Attention, please! The 4th contest is called "Hidden words”. Find, please, the animals hiding in the following sentences!

1. If I shout, he’ll hear me.(Fish)

2. Close the door at once! (Rat)

3. He’ll come to America tomorrow. (Cat)

4. Do good workers succeed? (Dog)

5. If Roger comes, we’ll begin. (Frog)

Teacher: The following task is for the rest . I need 1 pupil from each team. You should read the tongue-twister as quickly as you can 3 times.

a. Put your head on your bed. b. Run round the playground.

Teacher: The 6th contest is called "The right choice”. It’s very important to make the right choice in our life: the right choice of a color, a hobby, a friend. Each team should answer my questions.

You’ll get the cards with the letters a, b, c. Choose the right answer and show us the card.

1. The capital of England is a) London b) Paris c) Moscow.

2. London stands a) the Volga b) the Mississippi c) the Thames.

3. Who helps sick animals? a)doctor b) dentist c) vet.

4 The Russian flag is a) red, blue and white b)white, red and green c) yellow,red and white.

5. Who fixes cars? a) postman b) waiter c) mechanic.

6. where is Big Ben? a)Oxford b)Cambridge c) London.

7. The capital of Russia is a) Kazan b) St. Petersburg c) Moscow

8. Who takes letters to people a) mechanic b) postman c) waiter.

9. Who bakes bread and makes cakes? a) nurse b) baker c) waiter.

10. what’s another name for chips? a) French fries b) American fries c) English fries

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