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Внеклассное мероприятие "Easter in Great Britain" (6 класс)

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Easter in Britain

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия для учащихся 5-6 классов

Цели внеклассного мероприятия:

образовательные: формирование и развитие социокультурной компетенции учащихся через знакомство с культурой и традициями страны изучаемого языка, уважительного отношения к культуре, традициям и обычаям народов других стран;

развивающие: развитие учебно-коммуникативных умений, расширение лексического запаса, развитие навыков групповой деятельности, развитие творческих способностей учащихся через игровую деятельность,

развитие и поддержание интереса к изучению иностранного языка;

воспитательные: воспитывать уважительное отношение к культуре, традициям и обычаям народов других стран.

Slide 1

You’re welcome to our Easter Party. You’ll see how Easter is celebrated in English-speaking countries. We hope you’ll enjoy our Easter contest.

Let us watch a short video about Easter celebration in Great Britain. There you’ll find a lot of useful information. It will help you to do the tasks.


First let us divide into 3 teams. Choose a colour for your team.

Slide 2

Easter week begins on Palm Sunday (the 1st Sunday before Easter) or 2-3 days before people in GB gather branches for Easter Tree. This event is called “a Palming” in memory of the fact that about 2000 years ago a week before Easter people in Jerusalem greeted Jesus laying branches of palms on the road where He was entering that city to die on the Cross.

Task 1. On Monday they decorate their Easter Trees.

Now we want you to decorate your trees with the eggs that you have prepared.

Slide 3

On Maundy Thursday the Last Supper of Jesus Christ is celebrated. On this day in GB rich people give gifts to the poor.

Task 2. Name three things that rich people give to the poor. (5 minutes)

Slide 4

Then comes Good Friday. On this day of the week Christ was crusified. So it’s the saddest day of the week. In England people bake hot-cross buns. Let’s sing a song about them all together.

Slide 5

On Easter Saturday they colour eggs. In GB children put the coloured eggs in green, pink, red or yellow baskets.

Task 3. Now try to colour the basket with eggs in your teams. Use the traditional colours for your baskets. (10 minutes)

Slide 6

On Easter morning Easter Bunny hides the eggs in the house or in the garden. And the children hunt for the eggs.

Task 4. We have also hidden some eggs. We need one person from each team. Find as many eggs as you can. (10 minutes)

Then people go to church. After church they have Easter dinner. They put a special candle on the table.

Task 5. Can you remember the names of 3 traditional Easter dishes?

Slide 7

The pictures on the slide can help you.

Slide 8

On Monday morning after Easter children and grown-ups have a lot of fun. They usually roll eggs down the hill.

Task 6. Would you like to play? One member of each team is invited. You have to roll one off the eggs from the start line to the finish line with the help of a spoon.

Slide 9

This was the last task. Thank you for your participation.

Now let us count which team is the winner of today’s Easter contest.


Happy Easter to everybody!

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