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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Cценарий музыкального спектакля "Peter Pan" для уч-ся 7 классов
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Cценарий музыкального спектакля "Peter Pan" для уч-ся 7 классов


Peter Pan Script

Act 1.

МУЗЫКА:M13(1) Начало-45 сек

A tiny fairy and a mischievous-looking boy dressed in green flew in through the nursery window.(TB- Пиратская шляпа!)

Peter (whispering): It must be in here somewhere. Tinker Bell! Where are you? Tell me, do you know where they put my shadow?

In the big box?

(Peter jumps at the chest of drawers, scatters their contents to the floor, discovers his shadow and tries to stick it on with soap but fails)

Wendy awakes, sits up in bed.

Peter rises and bows beautifully. Wendy, much pleased, bows to him from the bed.

Peter:…Please, accept my apologies for waking you-er…er…I don’t know your name..(ТВ разводит руки,качает головой)

Wendy: Wendy, Wendy Moira Angela Darling. What’s yours?

Peter: Peter, Peter Pan. That’s all.

Wendy: Peter Pan, the Peter Pan… Can you really fly?

Peter: Can’t you?

Wendy: Why, no, Imafraid, Icant. (TB начинает нервничать и нетерпеливо дёргает Питера Пена за одежду)

Peter: Oh, and this is my friend, Tinker Bell.(ТВ упирается, сердитое выражение лица)

Wendy:Pleased to meet you, TinkerBell. (TB облетает детскую комнату, беспорядочно машет руками, недовольна)

Wendy: Where do you live, Peter?

Peter: Second star to the right and then straight on till morning.

Wendy: What a funny address!

Peter: No, it isn’t.(ТВ показывает Венди язык)

Wendy: I mean, what address does your mother put on the letters?

Peter: Don’t get any letters, don’t have a mother.

Wendy: Oh, Peter, Let me kiss you(ТВ дёргает Венди за волосы)

Ouch! Someone was pulling my hair!

Peter: That must have been Tink. I never knew her to be so naughty before! (вытаскивает её из-за спины и качает головой с осуждением)

(ТВ, расстроенная,повторяет его движения,кривляется)

Wendy: What does she say?

МУЗЫКА:M13(2) Everything at once

Tinker Bell: (Очень эмоционально!)

I’m as hot as a fire and fierce as a lion,

As mean as a wolf and as sharp as a tooth,

As dark as a night and as hard as a bite,

As stealth as a cat, as dark-minded as a rat

All I wanna be, all I wanna be, o-o-o-h

All I wanna be… is be always with him…

Peter:She is mad-(разводит руками, грозитТВ )

Мaybe we should go home…Wendy, you must come to Neverland with us !

Wendy:Neverland? But I can’t go without my brothers! John! Michael! Wake up! Peter Pan is here! He’s taking us to Neverland!

МУЗЫКА: V7(1)The Peter Pan Song

I’ve got a friend,

What’s his name?

PeterPan- (ТВ хлопает в ладоши и подпрыгивает от счастья)

He is so brave he cut off Captain Hook’s hand

To give the pirates a sporting chance

He only uses half a lance(ТВповторяетегодвижениесмечём)

The brave and wonderful boy Peter Pan

Oh,ya! And did I mention he can fly?

Just one happy thought and soars through the sky!(ТВ парит)

But don’t forget the pixie’s dust

Tinker Bell gives all she must (ТВ осыпает всех волшебной пылью)

So come to Neverland with Peter

Come to Neverland

Come to Neverland with Peter Pan.

John: Oh, good! Will we see Indians there?

Michael:And pirates?(ТВ кивает,машет крылышками-да,увидите)

John:But how do we get there?

Peter: We’ll fly!

Michael: Fly?

Peter: (confidently): Anyone can fly! Just think of something nice and off you go! All you need is a little bit of trust. Oh, I forgot, and a little bit of pixie’s dust too! (ТВ осыпает всех волшебной пылью)

МУЗЫКА: M-13(7)Flying (0-1.4)

Wendy: Look at me! I’m flying..

John: Oh, ripping!

Michael: Look at me! I flewed!

John: Where are we going, Wendy?

Wendy:Second to the right and then straight on till morning…

Tinker Bell-несёт облако!

On the cloud.

John:Look,Wendy! There’s the Indian camp!

Michael: And there’s Captain Hook on the pirate ship!

John:That awful Captain Hook Wendy told us about?

Peter: Look out!(a loud blast of gunfire) I’ll stay here and deal with Captain Hook. Tinker Bell, you take Wendy and the boys to the hideout.

ТВ удивлена,да,хорошо,но ей не очень хочется оставлять Питера Пена

Act 2

МУЗЫКА:M13(4)потерянные мальчики

Lost boyssong

No more rules to follow, every day’s a holiday

Coconuts for breakfast and pineapples for tea

Fighting with crocodiles, hiding in trees,

No bath-time, no bedtime, just do as you please!

Riding on a monkey, writing in the sand

Here is my island, home of Neverland!

TinkerBell: (эмоционально показывает потерянным детям-нужно выстрелить в большую белую птицу-показывает какую большую и что она летит)

Lost Boy1: Shoot the girl? Well,if it’s the order from Peter Pan…

Lost Boy2:Take aim! Fire!

(ТВ радуется, хлопает в ладоши)

МУЗЫКА: M13(3)ПадениеВенди

Peter catches Wendy

Lost Boy1: We did it!

Lost Boy2: We’veshot her down!...(apologizing) Tinker Bell said…

(ТВ-с виноватым видом,смотрит изподлобья)

Peter: Tinker Bell, you’ve done a very wicked thing and from now on you are banished for ever!

(ТВ гордо поднимает голову,уничтожающе смотрит на Венди, фыркает и улетает)

Lost Boys: Peter! Captain Hook captured Tiger Lily!

Peter: Come on, Wendy! We’ll rescue her!

МУЗЫКА: 13(5) Пираты

Act 3

Captain Hook: Now, little princess, all you have to do is tell me where Peter Pan’s hiding place is, and I’ll set you free.

Smee: Where is it?(Смешная сердитая физиономия)

Tiger Lily: No, never! Peter is my friend and I’ll never betray him!

Hook to Smee:MrSmee! She must talk!

Mr. Smee: Yes, Captain, yes, sir! She will talk!

Captain Hook: It’s your last chance,Tiger Lily.

Mr. Smee: Last chance!

Tiger Lily: No, never! I won’t!

Peter( in a spooky voice)

Beware, Captain Hook, beware. This is the spirit of the great sea water!

Captain Hook: Did you hear that, Smee?

Mr. Smee: Y-yes, Captain, y-yes, sir!(Подходит к краю сцены.дрожит,говорит шёпотом) L-let’s untie the Princess and g-get out of here!

Captain Hook: Shut up, Smee! I knew it! It’s Peter Pan up with his tricks again! Just wait till I catch him!


Mr. Smee хватается за голову,закрывает глаза,потом пытается достать оружие.но не получается

Wendy: Oh, Peter, be careful!

Peter: Watch out, Hook, or the crocodile will get you!



Yummy,Yummy,Yummy.(Мr.Smee на краюсцены.даёт руку капитану

I got Hook in my tummy,

And I feel like a-eating you

Cap, you’re such a sweet thing,

Good enough to eat thing

And that’s just a-what I’m gonna do.

OohHook, Imholdingya, (Smee прячет капитана за спиной)

Ooh Cap, I’m eating ya,

Ooh Hook, delicious so!

Ooh, Hook, youresweeter(Капитан прыгает на ручки)

Sweeter than sugar

Ooh, Hook, I won’t let you go!

Captain Hook: Help! Smee, help! Mr. Smee: Y-yes, Cap, yes, sir!

r. Smeeснимает туфлю и готовится к бою)

Yummy,Yummy,Yummy. (Мr.Smee отодвигает капитана за спину и наступает на Крокодила)

No Hook in my tummy,

But I feel like a-eating you! (Жалобно)!

Cap, youresuch a sweet thing,Тихо-о-о-о!(Smeeторжественным маршем проходит по краю сцены)

Good enough to eat thing

And that’s just a-what I’m gonna do.


Tiger Lily:Oh,Daddy, what an adventure I’ve had. That wicked Captain Hook captured me then Peter rescued me-and oh,–I’m so glad to be at home!

Big Chief:

Mighty Peter saved Tiger Lily! Big Chief mighty glad! Big Chief name Peter Pan Flying Eagle! (and with that he lowered a magnificent eagle feather head-dress on to Peter’s head)

Peter:Isn’t Squaw Wendy talking to Big Chief Flying Eagle any more?

Wendy: Oh, stop being so childish! I’ve had enough of this! I’m going home!

John: We don’t want to grow up!

Michael: Or go home!

Wendy: Don’t be silly! You can’t stay here forever. You need a proper home, and a mother, and…

Lost boy 1:A mother…I think I had a mother once!

Lost Boy2: What’s a mother?

МУЗЫКА: 13 Second to the right

Wendy: Well…a mother is the most wonderful person in the whole world! She loves you and cares for you, she tells you stories, and she kisses you goodnight… Oh dear, I feel so homesick!

Michael: I want to see my Mummy again

John: I want to go home…

Lost boy 1: And me…

Wendy: Come on then. We’re all going home!


МУЗЫКА: 13(8)Kidnapping

Captain Hook: Well,my dears,you can sign up and join my happy band of pirates –or you can walk the plank and drown in the sea! The choice is yours!

John: We’ll sign up!

Michael: We’ll join your pirates!

Mr.Smee: Enrank!!

Wendy: Boys! Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?

Michael: But we don’t want to walk the plank!

Wendy: Well, we won’t have to! Peter will save us!

Captain Hook: Peter Pan, It’s time for the final showdown! And it’s got to be unfair fight. You can fly and I can’t!

Peter: All right then.I won’t fly. I give you my word.

Captain Hook: Prepare to die!



Captain Hook: Don’t kill me, don’t! Please have mercy!

Peter: Only if you promise to leave the island and never return as long as you live.

Hook swings a punch at Peter, Peter ducks smartly, Hook falls into the sea…

Crocodile is waiting for him…

Wendy: Oh, Peter, you were wonderful! Or perhaps I should call you Captain Pan now?

Peter: Yes,Madam. Captain Peter Pan at your service! Where would you like to sail?

Wendy: Oh, to London. Please take us home.

МУЗЫКА: 13(6)Song:Jacqueline-Emerson-Peter-Pan(muzofon.com)

Everyone's on a rocket ship

Leaving the earth ooh-oh-oh

Shooting up so fast into the great unknown

Letting go of the nursery rhymes

Locked on land ooh-oh-oh

Left behind in another time all alone

I know that I can't be a kid forever

But I know that I must live it now or never

I am not like Peter Pan

I can't live forever in a Neverland

But I'm not gonna grow up too fast

I want my childhood to last

I am not like the boys and girls

Who live in their never-aging world

I wanna freeze time at the drop of a hat

But even I can't do that

See 'em taking off

I see 'em going so fast ooh-oh-oh

Watch 'em leaving me behind as part of their past

Putting on a cover

In a world their own ooh-oh-oh

With their painted faces standing all alone

I know that I can't be a kid forever

But I know that I must live it now or never

I am not like Peter Pan

I can't live forever in a Neverland

But I'm not gonna grow up too fast

I want my childhood to last

I am not like the boys and girls

Who live in their never-aging world

I wanna freeze time at the drop of a hat

But even I can't do that


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