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Открытый урок по английскому языку “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland”


School №252 named G.N.Kovtunov ‘sC:\Users\Владик\Documents\media\image1.jpeg


in the 9 A form

Theme: “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland”

English teacher the I degree: ChuykovaTatyana Petrovna

Stanger - Student of the University in Astana: Kajumov Ravil

Lesson plan.

Topic: The United Kingdom or Great Britain and Nothern Ireland. Date: The 17 th or October 2003 year.

Materials: placards, pictures, map, flags, board, papers, pens.

About the five countries and nationalities, map of the U.K. and northern


Ireland, lesson plan on the placard, brain storming and words and the placards.

Objectives: Methodological: vocabulary work

  1. SS. Should to understand the given words

  2. SS. Should to write the mixed sentences in Passive and active voice as a dictation (oral work)

  3. SS. Should work in two groups and then checkup the written sentences

  4. SS. Should to make the diagram on the blackboard and give 5 characteristics of the verb

  5. SS. Should to listen given text twice (work in oral speech, speaking, reading, writing)

  6. SS. Should to write down individual task

  7. SS. Should to retell their task

Lab. SS. Will be able to working in active listening; SS. Will be able to work in groups and in pairs.

Procedure: 1} words - dictation ( we give the words in Russian) (профессия цель* поднимать, покрывать, знание, опубликовать и т.д.) and SS. Should give the English equivalents on the blackboard 2) Grammar work (SS. Write the mixed sentences in active and passive voice as a dictation:) a) fresh apples were brought from, the garden, b) he is an engineer by occupation.

Then the group divided into two groups and check up the written sentences on the blackboard then they make the diagram and save five characteristics of the verb (1 person 2 number 3 tense, voice, 4 participle LIL 5 gerund)

Active passiv

Dear teachers and pupils !

On the 22 - nd of September each year we celebrate in Kazakhstan


the day of the languages and peoples, because in our country live many peoples of different nationalities, They speak different languages, have different culture and traditions but the state s

language is Kazakh language. Russian - is the international language and English is the world s language. Language play the great,

important role in our life. And it became tradition in our school to celebrate this great day of the languages and peoples,

Today I celebrate you at this holiday and wish you many success in your learning, work, to be happy and lucky*

Now the gills from the 9 th form prepared to you the modem dance.

Welcome, please in our intellectual party

3) work in lab and active listening of the text

Brain storming We give proper names and using words, then question:

  1. What states consist U.K. and N.I

  2. What lakes and rivers flow in the U.K.?

  3. Call the nationalities of UK?

  4. Where is situated the mount "Ben - Nevis"?

  5. Is the UK. the highly industrialized country?

6 ) What are the biggest cities of UK?

SS give the describing of the individual task ( geographical situation, mountains, rivers, lakes, climate

nationalities, population,capital, cities, industry, agriculture, cattle-farming and retell them.

Home work write an essay about the U.K.

Good day our dear guests we are glad to see you in our lesson. As you noticed we re going to have it in lab. For the first let us introduce you with materials which we re going to use. Look at the blackboard you can see beautiful tables which consist or flags, questions, proper names, and new words, all these things will help us in our lesson. "The main you can see the plan or our lesson.

So let s begin. According to plan begin with the new words. I explain the task 111 read the words in Russian and you should give me English translation or them. 111 read twice be attentively. So take your head phones.

  1. профессия

  2. ремесло

  3. знание

  4. цель

  5. разум

  6. обзор

  7. решение

  8. поднимать

  9. ставить, класть

10. публиковать

11 .покрывать

12. доклад

13. работа

  1. полагать

  2. осознавать

  3. следовать

  4. направление

O.K. Are you ready. Take off your head phones and our by one give me translation. Thank you.

Now we re going to have exercise 2 but it is grammar exercise So listen to me . Ill read mixed sentences which consist of passive and Active voice. But first I want you to divide into two groups .Let it be like this . You have numbers on your desks and events will write active Voice and odds will write passive voice .Is it clear?

Let s start. Take on your head phones. Be more attentively.

Firs sentence:

He has good knowledge of English.

  1. At vocational school the boys learned the trade of builder.

  2. The has been written correctly.

  3. Fresh apples have been brought from the garden.

  4. The newspaper under review is the Moscow news of November 1

  5. His stories are liked by everybody.

  6. the cup was won by our football team.

  7. He went to the capital with the arm to enter the university

  8. Drawing is my favorite occupation.

  1. The newspaper published review of the years events.

  2. .The armchair have been taken away to another room.

1 2.The school children have been advised to see the new film.

  1. Не chose the medical profession.

  2. The delegation was warmly met at the station.

That is all.

Now children unite your groups and check written sentences.

So you can see two circles on the black board in one part you should write active voice in opposite passive voice. I mean the verb.

Now characterize them they all have (1 person, 2 number, 3) tense, voice, 4) participle, 5) gerund. Thank you.

And last task we begin it with Brains storming -1 give you proper names and using word, them questions.

Proper names: Ben Nevis Severn, snow down.

Questions: 1) What states consist U.K. and N.1?

  1. What lakes and rivers flow in the UK?

  2. ( "all the nationalities of the U.K?

  3. Where is situated the mount "Ben Nevis’’?

5 ) Is the U.K. the highly industrialized country?

6)What are the biggest cities of U.K?

Now main part of the task. I 11 read you two parts of the text the U.K. of Great Britain and N.I. I 11 read it twice be attentively. But first I 11 give individual work. I going to give each of you cards which contain the task.

(1) geographical situation, 2) mountains, 3) rivers. 4) lakes,

5) climate, 6) nationalities, 7) population, 8) capital, 9) cities,

10) industry, 11) agriculture, 12) cattle farming.) Everything is all right? O.K. Take on your head phones. I begin.

I read the text twice. And each of the pupils went on the blackboard and retold their tasks.

Ex: London, the capital, is one of many important industrial centers. Lots of things such as clothes, food, planes and cars are made in and around London. Thank you very much for your participation and now lesson is over. Good - buy.

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