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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Открытый урок по теме : "Customs and traditions. Possessive case."

Открытый урок по теме : "Customs and traditions. Possessive case."

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

The theme of the lesson: Customs and traditions. Possessive case.

The aims of the lesson: a) to educate in pupil the respect to Kazakh

beliefs and traditions.

b) to train to differ incite the Possessive case.

c) to develop the skills of speaking, reading

and writing on the theme.

The type of the lesson: lesson – combination.

The lexis: hobble, rite, carcass, lash, snatch, velvet, velour, braid, camisole, sole, sew, indecent, turban.

The grammar: Possessive case – Зат есімнің тәуелдік септігі.

The visual aids: the English book, a black – board, pictures, cards, interactive board.

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization part (3 min)

- Good day!

- Good day!

- Who is on duty today?

- I am on duty today!

- Who is absent today?

- All are present.

- What date is it today?

- It is the 11th of February.

- What day is it today?

- What was your home task?

- To learn by heart new words, make up your own dialogue.

Phonetic drill.

So many countries, so many customs. - Әр елдің салты басқа, иттері қара қасқа.

II. The check – up of the home work.

  1. New words.

recipe [‘resipi] n – рецепт

revolve [ri’vƆlv] v – қайталану

dough [dau] n – қамыр

cuisine [kwi:zi:n] n - ас үй

season [‘si:zn] v - дәмдеу

broth [broƟ] n - cорпа

heart [‘hα:t] n - жүрек

kidney [‘kidni] n - бүйрек

liver [livǝ] n - бауыр

stir [stǝ:] n - араластыру

rub [rᴧb] n – ысу, уқалау

ferment [‘fǝ:ment] n - ашытқы, ұйытқы

  1. Dialogue about food.

  2. Filling in the diagram.

  1. The introduction of the new theme.

  1. Grammar. Possessive case – Тәуелдік септік.

Зат есім тәуелдік септікте заттың кімге тәуелді екенін білдіреді және де кімнің, кімдікі? (whose?) деген сұрақтарға жауап береді. Тәуелдік септік –‘s жекеше түрде, –s’ көпше түрде жұрнақтары арқылы жасалады. Мысалы:

my son’s name – менің ұлымның аты

my sons’ names – менің ұлдарымның аттары

Сонымен қатар ағылшын тілінде кейбір зат есімдер көпше түрге айналғанда жалғау жалғанбай, керісінше түбіріндегі дауысты әріптері өзгереді.

Мысалы: the man’s car – ердің машинасы

the men’s cars’ – ерлердің машиналары.

the woman’s bag – әйелдің сөмкесі

the women’s bags’ – әйелдердің сөмкелері

Тәуелдік септікте адам аттары алдына артикль қойылмайды.

Мысалы: Almaz’s baby – Алмаздың баласы.

Arai’s mother - Арайдың мамасы.

Ex – 2. Complete the sentences using nouns in the possessive case.

My aunt is my (father’s) sister. My cousin Jane is my (mother’s) daughter. My mother has a sister, her son is my (mother’s) nephew. My (husband’s) father is my father – in – law. My father has a brother, his daughter is my (father’s) niece. My (husband’s) parents are my grandparents. My (son’s) children are my grandchildren.

  1. Work with cards.

Card 1.

The (man’s) name is Dulat. The (woman’s) name is Mary. The (children’s) names are Pete and are Ann. The (father’s) car is old.

Card 2.

The (brother’s) flat is large. The (sister’s) room is small. The teacher’s name is Miss Smith. My father – in – law’s name is Mr. Kent.

Card 3.

Whose desk is that? (Father)

Whoose sister is she? (Mary)

Whose daughter is Mary? (Mr. Brown)

Whose garden is this? (my aunt)

Card 4.

Whose car is that? (My brother – in - law)

Whose son is Dulat? (My sister)

Whose brother is Tom? (his wife)

Whose niece is Jane? (her husband)

  1. Vocabulary work. New words.

Write the new words into your dictionary.

bride [‘braid] n – қалыңдық

bridegroom [‘braidgrum] n – күйеу жігіт

fiancée [fia:n’sei] n – жеңге

fiancé [fia:n’sei] n – күйеу бала

abduct [ǽ’bdukt] v – алып кету

concent [kǝn’sent] n – қолын сұрау

hobble [hɔbl] v - кесілу

rite [rait] n – салт - дәстүр

carcass [‘ka:kǝs] n - серке

lash [lǽʃ] v – қамшымен ұру

snatch [snǽtʃ] v – ұстап алу

velvet [‘velvit] n - вельвет

velour [ve’luǝ] n - велюр

braid [‘breid] n - шілтер

camisole [‘kǽmisǝl] n - камзол

sole [‘sǝul] n - ұлтан

sew [‘sɔu] n - тігу

indecent [in’di:snt] n – ыңғайсыз

turban [‘tǝ:bǝn] n – кимешек

Read and translate the text “Customs and traditions”.

The second part of the lesson is customs and traditions. You know we have traditions and different customs in Kazakh. They are betashar, hobbles cutting, matchmaking and so on.

Kazakh traditional horse – sport games like Kokpar, Kyz kuu and others have always been very popular with Kazakhs. At present, they can be observed during national holidays and festivals.

The Kazakh traditional costumes are shapan, camisole, kebis, kimeshek, takhia, tymak and so on. The Kazakh traditional costume is actually the dress of an ancient nomad. Many kinds of European clothes also originated here in Central Asia’s Steppe. Europeans were deeply impressed when they firsts saw the nomad’s clothing.

In Kazakh tradition, the wedding lasts 40 days beginning with matchmaking. Either the fiancé sends matchmakers to his bride’s parents, or he abducts his fiancée. In the first case the matchmakers, who are the fiancé’s relatives, bring rich gifts to the bride’s parents and ask their consent to the marriage. This negotiation is called the cuda tusu. The beautiful custom of Betashar – the ceremony of uncovering bride’s face. A bride, her face covered with a veil, is introduced to her bridegroom’s relatives. The toast - master of the festival, usually an akyn, introduces all the guests to the bride (often with a song).

When a baby begins to walk, he undergoes another ancient rite – the hobbles cutting. A hobble of rope round a child’s legs is tied.

  1. Rebus.

  2. Filling in the diagram.

  3. Home work.

To learn by heart new words, make up your own dialogue.

Your marks …

Good bye!

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