Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыПлан-конспект по английскому языку на тему: " Багаж пассажира "

План-конспект по английскому языку на тему: " Багаж пассажира "

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Тема: «Багаж пассажира»




Основные понятия и термины по теме: passenger luggage (багаж пассажира), cabin baggage=carry -on=hand luggage (ручная кладь), handicapped passenger (пассажир с ограниченными способностями), losses reimbursement (возмещение убытков), fragile thing (хрупкая вещь), inflammable liquids (воспламеняющиеся жидкости), to cause spontaneous ignition and a fire (вызывать воспламенение и пожар), written claim (письменная претензия), fuel for lighter (топливо для зажигалки),  caustic substances (едкие вещества).


Задания для самостоятельного выполнения на занятии (аудиторная самостоятельная работа):


1. Read the text:

Main rules of reception of luggage:

    1. The passenger luggage accepted to transportation, can contain subjects, property or other property that are necessary for the passenger for use, and also for maintenance of its convenience and comfort in travel.

    All luggage should be properly packed into serviceable suitcases or luggage bags with handles for transportation, capable to provide safety of the contents placed in them during transportation.

    2. During reception of luggage to transportation it is necessary to weigh it, to check safety of packing, to specify in the ticket quantity of places and weight of the registered luggage and to give out coupons of luggage labels

    3. The luggage is accepted at a rack of registration on the basis of the shown passenger ticket.

    4. The passenger can take with itself in interior of an air vessel under the responsibility hand luggage (bags and so forth), which is accepted to transportation on account of norm of transportation of free-of-charge luggage.

Baggage transportation

Passengers, who paid not less than 50% of tariff for transportation, have the following free baggage allowance: 
-  First class            
45 kg
-  Business class       
35 kg
-  Economy class      
25 kg

    Excess luggage transportation, also a special luggage (animals, sports equipment, luggage exceeding fixed norms) are paid according to tariff for excess and special luggage.

    Hand luggage must fit in the overhead shelf on board or under the preceding front passenger's seat.

Below the permitted size of cabin baggage:


permitted size of cabin baggage

In addition to the above cabin baggage allowance, the following items may be carried free of charge:

ladies handbag or shoulder-strapped bag or laptop bag (40 cm x 35 cm x 12 cm)

food and collapsible baby stroller or push chair for a child

The handicapped passengers are allowed to carry additionally on board the following necessary items:

wheelchair (wheelchair will be loaded into the hold before boarding and will be given back to the passenger after landing);

crutches or other medical devices for personal use;

Restrictions on the transport of liquids in hand luggage. On flights originating in the European Union, liquids may be taken on board in limited quantities only. The definition of liquids includes (among other items): 


gels (e.g. hair, shower gel),


liquid cosmetics (lip gloss, foundation, mascara),

creams, conditioners and cosmetic oils,


liquids under pressure (e.g. shaving creams/gels, deodorants)

water and other drinks, soups, syrups, other substances of similar consistency.

Airline is not responsible for fragile, valuable and perishable things transported as checked baggage.

    Passenger must carry money and documents with him not including them into checked baggage.

The subjects, which are not accepted to transportation:

- Subjects and substances which can be dangerous to the plane, the passengers;

- Explosives, an ammunition, pyrotechnic means;

- Gases (inflammable, not inflammable, poisoning, compressed gases, gases for household using (butane-prosir)(бутан-пропан), etc.);

- Inflammable liquids: fuel for lighters, paints, acetone, gasoline, tests of mineral oil, menthol, a methyl ether, a brake liquid and all other inflammable liquids;

- Inflammable firm substances: substances which from action on them waters allocate heat and combustible gases that can cause spontaneous ignition and a fire; phosphorus white, yellow, red and all other substances concerning a category of inflammable firm substances;

- Peroxides organic;

- Poisonous and poison gases in the liquid or firm condition, packed into any container;

- Caustic and corrosion substances, strong inorganic acids (hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric, etc.;

-Flowers, plants;

Transportation of small animals and birds:

    Small animals and birds are admitted for transportation only after fulfillment appropriate rules of a country of departure and only certificates and admission required by veterinary officials. Transportation of small animals and birds is paid due to tariffs for excess luggage.

    Following animals are admitted for transportation in passengers cabin:

- Dogs, cats, monkeys, birds whose mass together with container (cage) must not exceed 8 kg. If the mass exceeds 8 kg animals and birds must be transported in cargo compartments (грузовой отсек) of aircraft only.


    Searching of your baggage will be go on within 21 days. During this term, you may present the written claim on for delay of baggage delivery (предъявить письменную претензию на задержку доставки багажа). If baggage won't be found within 21 days, you may present the written claim on losses reimbursement (возмещение убытков) for missing baggage.

    Claim management of airline will consider the claim and will advise the passenger of the results of its deliberations within 3 months or 6 months if an overseas carrier is involved.

    In case of damage of baggage, you may present the written claim on losses reimbursement immediately on damage reveal and not later than 7 days after getting baggage.


2. Translate into English:

1)      багаж принимается на основании показанного пассажирского билета;

2)      лишний багаж, а также специальный багаж (животные, спортивный инвентарь) оплачиваются по тарифу для сверхнормативного и специального багажа;

3)      багаж может содержать предметы, необходимые для пассажира для обеспечения его удобства и комфорта в путешествии;

4)      авиакомпания не несет ответственности за хрупкие, ценные и скоропортящиеся вещи, перевозимых в качестве зарегистрированного багажа

5)      пассажир может взять с собой в салон ручную кладь;

6)      во время приема багажа к перевозке необходимо его взвесить;


3. Match the words from two columns:

1.      collapsible baby stroller                   a) костыли

2.      handicapped passenger                     b) инвалидная коляска

3.      wheelchair                                         c) детская складная коляска

4.      crutches                                             d) пассажир с ограниченными способностями


4. What is the meaning of the words below:

еxplosives /   inflammable liquids  / fuel for lighter  / brake liquid   / cause spontaneous ignition and a fire /   poisonous gases /   caustic and corrosion substances


5. True or false:

ÿ       Transportation of small animals and isn't paid due to tariffs for excess luggage.

ÿ       Animals are admitted for transportation in passengers cabin whose mass together with container (cage) must not exceed 8 kg.

ÿ       Searching of your baggage will be go on within 7 days.

ÿ       If baggage won't be found within 21 days, you may present the written claim on losses reimbursement for missing baggage.

ÿ       Claim management of airline will consider the claim and will advise the passenger of the results of its deliberations within 3 months or 6 months.

Задания для внеаудиторной самостоятельной работы (домашнее задание):

пересказ текста (упражнение 1)

Формы и методы контроля внеаудиторной самостоятельной работы:

устный опрос

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