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Some steps to better teaching

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Natalya Yevdokimova,

English language teacher.

Secondary school NL2 1

Uren, Nizhegorodskaya oblast Russian Federation.

Some steps to better teaching.


Statement of purpose; tör the sake of sharing, seeking the right solution, inviting the audience to discuss the issue and may be to come out with new ideas as a result.

Problems: after 7 years of learning English at school village pupils are illiterate grammatically, lexically and are practically unable 10 read.

Reasons: a lack of motivation, a lack of equipment, old, out-oiüdate textbooks, a studies curriculum that is based on particular vocabulary-

Main Aims; to help village pupils set real istic goals in English learning al school - the opportunity for them to lillfill further education in colleges and institutes. They will need the language by all means.

Key-features: as much depends on the school studies curriculum and textbooks I've adjusted them to the needs of nny pupils. The first and foremost is grammar.

I. The right consequence of teaching grammar.

2.     Teaching to think logically.

3.     Special own "grammar books",

The töllowing stage is arranging the education process to enable pupils to get practical skills in applying it.


l. Intensive studying of texts from my "selt:made" textbook.

2.                Extensive reading. The choice of texts for home reading, The list of stories my pupils choose to read.

3.                Teaching 10 read logically.

4.                Reading articles from American magazines.

The tendency to do learning in writing is another aspect of my approach.

I. Writing about papils' own experiences is a better method to train and test thought,

'l'he most popular subjects for narratives my teenagers select.

2.Translating from Russian in written form.

3.Special lessons of technical translation. (Our school works closely with the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University),


Wårming-up activities. The hest of my pupils' preferences.

The lisl 01' topics for discussion in order ofprcference.

3. Pupils* questions to draw the attention ofteachers.

4, Role-plays stimulating di [Terent situations.

5. Chain-discussions.

The way I integrate them into my regular lessons, the most important ideas to learn about them, activities with the pupils. materials and documents I choose to use.

Efficiency: as a result of my teaching Iny ex-pupils are progressive in their language studies at their institutes. They pass cædit texts and exams successfWly. They see the concrete results of their work. The knovt ledge of Engl ish will give them the best possibi lity to find a good job. a wel I-paid job, to contribute to the further development of Russia. It motivates both my present pupils and myself.


I. There is no need for my ex-pupils to pass the basics of language learning at the institute.

The students have more time for enriching and enlarging their knowledge and outlook in the special field. working at international words and word-formation rules.

3. They have more time 10 work with authentic materials.

Decade presentation: "The Nineties in the USA"


l . "Many people think the eighties were the last decade of the 20th century and the 1990s were the beginning of the new century.

Peter Jennings 2. Once upon a tinie in the good old nineties there lived strange people who didn't walk but drove their cars; who didn't write letters with a pen, but clicked a mouse all day long. When they wanted to cut up a chicken, they turned to the website W WW Ethestate.com. They earned mountains of gold in a magic place called Stock market and after that they danced a ritual dance called rap or hip-hop; and the magic machine called ATM kept their money in a hiding place and gave it to them like this (easy come - easy go). And from morning till night they played video and TV games and CD discs.

The name of those people was Americans. They lived in a Wonderland called America. Do you want to watch this fairy-tale. my sweethearts? Then turn on your CD player and listen to a superdisc about superlifé in the supernineties.

3. Song "As Long As You Love Me" hy Backstreet Boys";

Although all of us did use to live in the nineties.

We don't know much ofthose years.

People say they were crazy

And that it was great

Flaving the world being changed,

How the curtain tell is still a mystery. And how we could get here to the IJSA and

We care what is written in your history

That's why we are here with you todayAnd you care who we are,

Where we are from,

What we did

And we are so grateful.

4. NEW ERA - NEW OPPORTUNITIES. The iron curtain down and new educational exchange programs appeared like mushrooms atter the rain {distribution of yellow envelopes with the names the programs).

NEW ERA-NEW IDOLS. Russian ladies late at night

Telling stories in moonlight

Forgetting government and parties

Chose the best man ofthe nineties.

 If I had the right, I would

Choose Tom Hanks - he is so good.

Actor, singer and composer.

When he sings. I am all frozen. "l am Forrest, Forrest Gump". And I happy. deaf and dumb.

-     I adore Jurassic Park

Spielberg is my lightning in the dark.

My heart's the mirror that reflects

All his mysterious etTects.

-     I have an idol of' my own,

I am fond of saxophone.

Who won elections more than once? Who has a key to women's hearts? I love his kind heart. not his time. Can you, ladies, guess his name?

- Jon Travolta in the ''Angel" Is my idol, is my legend.

I admire his "pulp fiction".

*           You had better read John Grisham.

He has a wider outlook.

Have you read 'VThe Firm", his book?

Well. I highly recommend: Read it to the very end.

 Well. who ever hesitates

That the richest is Bill Gates? Model hero of the press

And... American success!

*           O, Di Caprio! Titanic!

I lis Romeo caused panic

Among many blue-eyed beauties.

Pretty girls and teenaged cuties.

And so many loving teens

Wiped their tears in his films.

They adore him and sympathize

With his iron mask and velvet eyes.

*      Stephen King - Who is he? Letis say in chorus:

Ile is oi'course the king of horrors, I leis terri Wing and terrific.

His talent's great. unique. specific.

*      Oh, Gorbachov appeals to me

What I appreciate in him

Is his new life's promotion

And to his family devotion.

And all the storms Of his reforms,

*      Russian ladies late at night

Telling stories in moonlight

Were in opinion quite unanimous

That men ofnineties '-were so tllmous! We are 50 many, you are so few...

(chorus) And we wi// u/wa_vs love you!


Welcome to our super fashion parade,

6. (Korobeiniki — a song)

Oh. my bag is full of goods

Come up here, choose and try Any size and any color!

Not expensive you can buy!

Jeans and TLshins,

Shorts and sneakers

Of high quality, by the way,

Take it easy, they're made in China,

For new fishion you must pay!


Song Ptetty Woman". fashion parade. "election"

But... 'i Who is the Person of the Century?"


What shall we take to the new millennium?

The Internet                                         O International education

CD discs                                              New sources of energy


Environment protection

Cel I-phones

Electronic music

Space exploration

Books ol' the nineties

What shall we take to the new millennium?

COLI rage





Moral values Of the nineties



9. Song "We are the World" - quietly - the beginning

What shall we do to slide into a new millennium?

     Look after the wild life,

You know what I mean.

Stop throwing litter,

Keep the grass greem

Whether you are an animal

Or whether you are a man

The new millennium brings LIS life.

Can all people come as one?

Will the last two thousand years be a memory?

Will the millennium bring us peace?

1 0. Song "We are the World'* (by M. Jackson) (chorus):

We are the world, we are the children We are the ones who make a brighter day so let's Start giving

There's a choice we are making

We'le saving our own life

It's true we'll make a better day

Just you and me!

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Краткое описание документа:

Today all of us, teachers, are confused by a multitude of recommended approaches to language teaching, each carrying its battery of classroom techniques.

Being equipped with various teaching techniques and full of great expectations we try to find out our own ways or steps to better teaching.

Recommendations suggested by specialists in foreign language teaching may be divided into two: group – general and specific. Among the general ways of improving teaching are:

1)      Improving methodology; studying, practicing, keeping up with the literature on the subject,

2)      efficiency as the core principle of any methodology – that is, the attainment of the maximum profit (in terms of achieved learner proficiency) for the minimum coast (in term of the teacher’s and learners’ time and effort)  


The presentation is for those who search for ways to help students learn more effectively and increase motivation. It is focused on the problem of adapting students to language studies. Handouts will include texts and exercises featuring moral issues of high interest to teenagers.

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