Упражнения по английскому языку на закрепление темы "Разделительные вопросы"
Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыУпражнения по английскому языку на закрепление темы "Разделительные вопросы"

Упражнения по английскому языку на закрепление темы "Разделительные вопросы"

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                                                   Question Tags

Question Tags are short questions put at the end of statement. We use them not to ask information, but for confirmation of or agreement to our statement. We form these questions with an auxiliary verb and a personal pronoun.  A positive statement is followed by a negative question tag, and a negative statement by a positive question tag.

Pay attention: If we are sure of what we’re asking and we don’t expect an answer, the voice goes down (falling intonation).  If we are not sure and we expect an answer, the voice goes up (rising intonation).

Remember the following ‘non-standard’ question tags!

1.       I am                       aren’t I?                                    I am strong, aren’t I?

2.       I used to               didn’t I?                                    She used to drive to work, didn’t she?

3.       Let’s                     shall we?                                  Let’s make a cake, shall we?

4.       Imperative            will/ won’t you                        Please help me, will you/ can you/ could you?                        

                                           can/ could you?                       Don’t take a taxi, will you?

5.       Let me/ her         will/ won’t you?                      Let me go out with them, will you?

      him etc.

6.       I have ( possess)  haven’t I?                                They have a house, haven’t they?

7.       I have (used idiomatically)  don’t/                     She has breakfast at 7.30 a.m., doesn’t she?

                                doesn’t/ didn’t               She had breakfast at 7.30 a.m. yesterday, didn’t she?

8.     There is/are         isn’t/aren’t there?                 There are a few oranges, aren’t there?


                  Put question tags to the following statements:

1.     She lives near the school, ______?

2.     Your mother works at the hospital, ______?

3.     Dan hasn’t got a car, _______?

4.     Let’s play chess, ______?

5.     I am tall, ________?

6.     They have dinner at 7.00, ______?

7.     Kate used to eat a lot of sweets, _______?

8.     Let  me help you, ________?

9.     You called him, ________?

10. Go out, ______?

11. He never speaks rudely, ______?

12. His brother can swim well, _____?


                                     Add questions and short answers as in the example:


1.     She’s got blond hair, ______?               No, she ______

2.     He wears glasses, ________?                Yes, he ______

3.     They talk a lot in class, ____ ?               Yes, they ______

4.     Susan never tells the truth, _____?       No, she_______

5.     Their parents are British, _______?       Yes, they ______

6.     Tom is the best student, ________?       No, he_______

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