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Урок английского языка"Modal verbs. My favourite actor/actress – Kirsten Dunst"

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Открытый урок

Тема: Modal verbs. My favourite actor/actress – Kirsten Dunst

Lesson plan: Modal verbs. My favourite actor/actress – Kirsten Dunst


  1. the educational aim: remind students of the remembering word combinations, to give more information about grammar structure – ‘Modal verbs’(can, can’t, have to, not have to)

  2. the development aim: to develop their memory, writing skills, speaking habits about their favourite actors/actresses

  3. the up-bringing aim: to teach them to love English language

The type of the lesson: New Lesson

Visual aids: Opportunities (elementary) ‘Students book’,

multimedia projector, blackboard,chalk

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

  1. greeting with students

  2. speaking about the weather conversation

  3. short conversation between duties

2 Check up home task

Now students who want to tell me about home task? What was your home task?

Home work

Learn by heart grammar rules ‘Degrees of adjectives’. Examples.

Learn by heart new words about cats and their meanings

Cheetah , domestic cat, lion, panther, Scottish wild cat ,tiger

Introduction with the new theme

Modal verbs

  1. We use can to say that something is allowed: In football you can touch the ball with your head.

  2. We also use can to talk about ability: I can swim.

  3. We use can’t to say that something is not allowed: In football you can’t touch the ball with your hands.

  4. We also use can’t to talk about lack of ability: I can’t drive

  5. We use have to to say that something is necessary: You have to use a stick in hockey.

  6. We use not have to to say that something is not necessary: We don’t have to go to college at the weekend

  7. After can and can’t we use the infinitive form without to

New words:

  1. Excitement –

  2. Fame –

  3. Beauty –

  4. Romance –

  5. Success –

  6. Performance

  7. Megastars –

  8. Recently –

  9. Production –

Before you start

1 Look at the photos of Kirsten Dunst . What do you know about her? Try to answer these questions.

  1. What country is she from?

  2. How old is she?

  3. What are her most famous films?

2 Read the article and answer the questions

Kirsten Dunst was born in New Jersey, USA, in 1982. Her acting career began at the age of three when she appeared in her first TV advert in the end she made more than seventy! She made her film debuted with a small part in Woody Allen’s New York Stories (1989). Shortly after this family moved to Los Angeles and her film career early started in a big way.

In 1994, she got her big break in interview with the vampire, performing with famous megastars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Her performance as a creepy kid earned her a Golden Globe nomination, the MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Performance and the Saturn award for Best Young Actress.

The following year, People magazines included her on their list of the world’s ‘Fifty Most Beautiful People’. Over the next few years, she starred in more hit movies including Little Women (1994), Jumanji (1995), the romantic Get Over It (2001) and Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts (2003). However, her most successful films are the Spider-man films (2002 and 2004) with Tobey Maquier, where she plays the part of superhero Spider-man’s girlfriend, Mary Jane.

Kirsten recently started a film production company with her mother but plans to continue acting, too. So what does she want to do next? ‘I don’t know. You know, I love doing comedies and I love doing more serious films, too.’

3 Read the text again and answer the questions.

1 What was her first acting job?

2 How old was she when she appeared in her first film?

3 Who did she star with in Interview with the Vampire?

4 What is her most famous part?

5 What new project is the working on with her mother?


Complete the sentences with can and can’t

Exercise 6 .

1 Marathon runners ----- drink during the race but short-distance runners ----

2 Volleyball players ---- touch the net

3 Tennis players ----- wear colourful clothes

4 In football, goalkeepers ---- touch the ball with their hands

Exercise 7

  1. Footballers ----- be very big but they --- be fast

  2. Basketball players ---- be quite tall

  3. Ice hockey players ---- wear helmets

  4. In football , goalkeepers ---- run all the time

Speaking task: speaking about these things

Concerts, exhibitions, films, plays, sports events

Marking students answers.

Home work: learn by heart new words their meanings, grammar rules about Modal verbs,to give examples, speaking bout ‘My favourite actor/actress’.

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