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Урок по английскому языку для 5 класса “My favourite season”

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My favourite season”


- to practise speaking about favourite seasons and revise lexis on the topic,

- to develop monological speech,

- to develop students’ memory, logical thinking, quick reaction, creative abilities;

- to develop the culture of behaviour

Equipment: textbooks, cards, a computer


1. Starting point. Greeting.

2. Warming-up.

T: What do you like to do in summer? What is your favourite activity in winter?

What is your favourite season? Why?

3. Checking up home-assignment

T: You had to repeat the words according to our topic and make up your own


P1: What is your favourite season?

P2: My favourite season is summer. The weather is sunny and hot. I like to lie in the sun and swim in the Azov Sea. What about you?

P2: As for me, I don’t like hot summer. I like spring. The weather is not very hot. It is warm. I usually spend spring holidays with my grandparents in the village. It’s so wonderful when nature begins to wake up.

P1: I don’t agree with you, the weather can be changeable in spring. It often rains in spring.

P2: Тastes differ.

  1. Lexical activities

Make up sentences using these words:

1) many, sing, birds, the, in, trees. 2) the, come, birds, in, first, March.

3) see, flowers, we, the, in, garden, spring, in. 4) blue, the, is, sky.

5) usually, snows, winter, it, in. 6) begin, birds, their, nests, to, build.

7) we, in spring, have, holidays, spring. 8) we, play, outdoor, games, sometimes.

5. Project work

T: You'll work in four groups and make four projects about summer, autumn, winter and spring. Your task is not only to describe your favourite season. You should explain why you like it very much…

T: It's time to show the results and present your project.

GROUP 1: Our project is SUMMER. We like summer. The weather is sunny and hot. The sun shines brightly. We don't go to school in summer. We can swim, lie in the sun, play volleyball and other games with our friends. We can roller-skate, ride our bikes. That’s why summer is our favourite season.

GROUP 2: Our project is AUTUMN. The weather is usually windy and rainy in autumn. We have chosen this project because we like early autumn very much.

The leaves turn from green to orange, red and brown. The golden autumn looks like a fairy-tale. That’s why autumn is our favourite season.

GROUP 3: Our project is WINTER. We like winter because the weather is snowy. It is usually cool or cold in winter. We can play hockey, snowballs, make a snowman, sledge, ski and skate. That’s why winter is our favourite season.

GROUP 4: Our project is SPRING. It is the most wonderful season because the snow begins to melt and everything becomes green. The days get longer. Different colouful flowers begin to bloom. We like to go for a walk in the forest, parks in spring. That’s why spring is our favourite season.

T: Let’s remember our poem ‘When the weather is wet’

T: How do you understand this poem now?

6. Home-assignment.

T: Your home task is to make up dialogues about your favourite seasons.

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