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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Урок – путешествие в 5 классе по темам: «Времена года», «Семья», «Любимые животные», «Хобби», «Пословицы», «Традиции».

Урок – путешествие в 5 классе по темам: «Времена года», «Семья», «Любимые животные», «Хобби», «Пословицы», «Традиции».

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Казахстан, Акмолинская область, г. Степногорск

Многопрофильная школа – лицей № 3

имени А.С. Пушкина

Учитель высшей категории: Щербакова Адель Николаевна

Урок – путешествие в 5 классе по темам:

«Времена года», «Семья», «Любимые животные», «Хобби», «Пословицы», «Традиции».

Обобщающий урок – путешествие в 5 классе по темам:

«Времена года», «Семья», «Любимые животные», «Хобби», «Пословицы», «Английские традиции».

Оборудование: Макет поезда и рожок, ребусы, картинки о зиме, фотографии учащихся и их семей, игрушки животных и фотографии учащихся с их любимыми животными, коллекция монет, плакат с названиями станций.

Задачи урока: Обобщить знания учащихся, поддерживать интерес к английскому языку, тренировать учащихся в употреблении структур в монологе и диалоге.

Цели: Углубление знаний по темам урока посредством песен, стихов, диалогической и монологической речи, приобщение к традициям изучаемого языка, воспитание гуманистического мировоззрения.

  1. Орг. момент и разминка

Teacher: Good morning,

Good morning,

Good morning to you.

Good morning dear children,

I am glad to see you.

Children: Good morning,

Good morning,

Good morning to you.

Good morning, dear teacher,

We are glad to see you, too.

Teacher: 1. Who is on duty today?

2. What day of the week is it today?

3. What date is it today?

4. How many lessons do you have today?

5. What are they?

6. What is your favourite lesson?

7. Is everybody present today?

8. How many months are there in a year?

9. How many days are there in each month?

Pupil: Thirty days has September,

April, June and November.

All the others have thirty – one,

But February is short

With twenty – eight and one day more

We add to it one year in four.

Teacher: 1. What season is it now?

Pupil: This is the season,

When mornings are dark,

And birds do not sing

In forest and park.

This is the season,

When children ski

And Father – Frost brings

The New Year Tree.

Teacher: 2. What is the weather like in winter?

3. What is the weather like today?

4. What can we see in the streets, on the ground and on the houses in winter?

5. What can the children do in winter?

6. Can you skate or ski?

7. Do you like to make a snow man in winter?

Pupil: Yes, I do. I want to recite the poem

The Snow man.”

Come in to the garden

And play in the snow,

A snow – man we’ll grow!

Give him a hat, a stick and a pipe,

And make him look gay.

Such a fine game

For a cold winter day!

(один из учащихся описывает картину «Зима»).

II. Начало путешествия.

Teacher: Very good. Dear children, we’ll make a journey today.

We shall travel by train. Look at the table, you can see a train there.

We shall stop at some stations.

Their names will be: “The Questions’ Station”, “Family”, “Pets”, “Hobby”, “Proverbs”, “English traditions”.

During our journey we shall sing some songs.

Let’s start (Звучит рожок).

Song: 1. One and two and three and four

I am sitting on the floor

I am playing with a ball

And a little pretty doll.

  1. One and two and three and four

I am sitting on the floor

I am playing with a frog

And a little pretty dog.

  1. One and two and three and four

I am sitting on the floor

I am playing with a house

And a little pretty mouse.

Teacher: We have come to the first station “Guestions”

Pupil: I have six honest serving men,

They taught me all a knew,

Their names are What?

And Why? and When?

And How? and Where? and Who?

(Раздается стук в дверь, входит ученица).

Teacher: You hear, somebody has knocked at the door.

Pupil: May I come in? I am sorry. I am late.

I am your new pupil.

Teacher: Come in, please. Now, children, let’s ask her questions.

Pupils: 1. What is your name?

2. What is your surname?

3. How old are you?

4. Where are you from?

5. Where do you live?

6. What’s your phone number?

7. What’s your favourite sport?

8. What’s your hobby?

9. Is your family large or small?

10. How many sisters and brothers have you?

11. Do you like to go to school?

12. How many English lessons do you have every week?

13. Do you like English lessons?

14. What do you do at your English lessons?

15. What season do you like and why?

Teacher: Let’s continue our trip. (Дается сигнал).

Song: What is your name?

What is your name?

Now tell me, please,

What is your name?

My name is Jannet,

My name is Jannet,

My name is Jannet

That’s my name.

How old are you?

How old are you?

Now tell me, please,

How old are you?

I’ll soon be ten,

I’ll soon be ten,

I’ll soon be ten

That’s my age.

Where do you live?

Where do you live?

Now tell me, please,

Where do you live?

I live in London,

I live in London,

I live in London

That’s where I live.

Teacher: We are at the station “Family”.

Teacher: Thank you, children. Now, let’s recite the poem “My Family”.

Pupils all together:

  1. I have a mother,

I have a father,

I have a sister,

I have a brother.

  1. I like my mother,

I like my father,

I like my sister,

I like my brother.

  1. Father, mother,

Sister, brother.

Hand in hand.

With one another.

Повторение слов по теме «Семья» (Повторение слов по теме «Семья» (father, mother, sister, brother, parents, relatives, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, cousin, nephew, niece.)

Чтение и перевод текста “My Family” по учебнику

Teacher: Now, children, I want you to tell about yourself and your families.

Zhenya, recite the poem “ Our Family”, please!

Zhenya: Our large family

Has a nice flat.

We live there happily

With a kitten and a cat.

My sisters and brothers

All go to school,

We help our mother

It is a good rule.

When she washes and cooks

Together with father

We like to read books.

Olesya: I am girl. My name is Olesya.

My surname is Andreeva. I am eleven. I am a pupil of the fifth form. My school is number three. I live in Stepnogorsk. I live in the third micro district.

My house is number 10, my flat is number 20. My hobby is reading. My favourite sport is tennis.

(Учащиеся по фотографиям рассказывают о своих семьях.)

Oleg: This is my family. It is large. I have a father, a mother, two brothers, one sister and a grandmother.

My father’s name is Ivan Stepanovich. He is forty.

He is a worker. My mother’s name is Svetlana Stepanovna.

She is 38 years old. She is a nice woman. She does not work. She is a house wife. One my brothers is 17 years old.

He is a student. His name is Sergei. My sister’s name is Lena. She is 15 years old. My little brother is only 6 years old. He does not go to school yet. My grandmother is 60. She is a pensioner.

Lena: This is my family. It is not very large. We are four.

In the picture you can see my mother, my grandmother,

my sister and me. My mother’s name is Olga Ivanovna.

She is a nice woman. She is a medical nurse. My grand mother does not work, she is pensioner.

My sister’s name is Valya. She is 14. She is pupil. She is in the 8th form. I have a pet at home. It’s name is Murka. I like to play with my cat.

Teacher: I think that some of you have pets at home. It may be a cat, a dog, a tortoise or parrots. Let’s speak about them. Who wants to tell us about them?

(учащиеся выходят с фотографиями, на которых они изображены со своими любимыми животными или с игрушками животных.)

Nastya: 1. I have a cat

Her name is Kit

And by the fire

She likes to sit.

2. She likes to sit

Upon my knee,

For I like Kit

And Kit likes me.

Ann: 1. I have a dog,

His name is Jack,

His coat is white

With sports of black.

2. I take him out

Every day

Such fun we have,

We run and play.

3. Such clever tricks

My dog can do.

I love my Jack

He loves me too.

Teacher: Let’s continue our journey.

Now we’ll go to the station

Hobby”. (Дается сигнал)

Song: There was once a grasshopper

There was once a grasshopper

In thick grass he was sitting

Like cucumber so green.

Imagine my friend,

Imagine my friend,

In thick grass he was sitting

Imagine my friend,

Imagine my friend,

Like cucumber so green.

Teacher: Here is the station, now we stop,

Lots of people get off the train .

Our station is “Hobby”.

As you have said each of you

has your own hobby?

Pupils: My hobby is drawing

My hobby is collecting stamps.

My hobby is dancing.

My hobby is singing.

My hobby is reading.

My hobby is playing the piano.

Teacher: Dancing is your hobby.

Singing is her hobby

Collecting is his hobby.

Zhenya and Natasha: Our hobby is dancing. We go in for it for 3 years. We like dancing very much. We know many dances of different countries. Now we’ll show you one of them. (девочки исполняют танец.)

Nikita: My hobby is collecting stamps.

You can see it here. I began to collect stamps some years ago. My collection is big. I have stamps from different countries.

(Никита показывает свою коллекцию.)

I have a good collection of coins too.

Teacher: Thank you, children. We can go on our trip.

Our next station will be “Proverbs”.

(Дается сигнал).

Song: Hickory, Dickory, Dock

hello_html_m3a715fbb.gifThe mouse ran up the clock,

The clock struck one, 2 times

The mouse ran down

Hickory, Dickory, Dock

Hickory, Dickory, Dare

The pig flew up in the air

hello_html_m3a715fbb.gifThe man in brown 2 times

Soon brought him down

Hickory, Dickory, Dare

Teacher: Here’s the station, now we stop.

Now, children, I want you to remember the proverbs

you have already learned.

(Учитель называет пословицы по-русски, а учащиеся по-английски).

  1. There is no place like home.

  2. One man no man.

  3. A friend in need is friend indeed.

  4. A good beginning makes a good ending.

  5. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

  6. All is well that ends well.

  7. All that glitters is not gold.

  8. Better late than never.

  9. Strike the iron while it is hot.

  10. Everything is good in it’s time (season)

Teacher: Now, children, if you guess this rebus you will know one more new proverb.



Proverb: One for all and all for one.

Teacher: Dear guests, as you present at the English lesson

I suggest you to learn some English words.

We shall recite the poems together with you.

Выделенные слова произносить хором.

(Пока учащиеся отгадывают ребус, учитель читает стихи гостям).

1. Жил – был на свете маленький слоник

Он по утрам говорил всем: “Good morning!”

Солнечный зайчик смеялся в ответ:

«Доброе утро! Good morning! Привет!

2. «Здравствуй! Как дела? Привет!» -

Мы говорим, а нам в ответ:

Hallow! How do you do!”

Хотите, я переведу,

«Привет «и» как твои дела»,

Слова, как будто зеркала,

Нам возвращают добрый свет:

Hallow! Здравствуйте! Привет!

3. Дело было в сентябре,

Играл мальчишка во дворе.

Ему твердил я пять минут

Три слова: «Как тебя зовут?»

А он как – будто глух и нем.

Я говорю What is your name?”

Он отвечал: “My name is Sasha”.

Так начиналась дружба наша.

  1. Я шалил. Разбилась ваза

«Кто разбил?» - спросил мой father

«Моя единственная ваза» -

Сказала со слезами mother

«Осколки он подмел. Все чисто,» -

За брата заступилась sister

Она сказала: Father, mother,

Шалить не будет больше brother

Teacher: What does your family like to do together in the evening?

Pupil: The members of our family like to sit in the living – room, to watch TV and to have tea.

Teacher: Do you know that English people drink a lot of tea.

They have tea for breakfast, for dinner, for supper, tea in the middle of the morning, tea in the middle of the afternoon.

The English always drink tea out of cups and never out of glasses. In England people drink tea with sugar and milk. Tea with lemon in it is called “Russian tea” in England.

(Эта часть урока идет как аудирование. Учитель говорит предложения, а учащиеся переводят).

Dear guests and children, our journey is over and I invite you to have tea in English.

Take your seats at the table.

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