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Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку


Входное тестирование по английскому языку 10 класс.

I. Complete the sentences.

1.…have you lived there?-For two years

A. How much       B. How many       C. Whose    D. How long

2….brothers do you have?-Two.

A.  How much       B. How many       C. Whose     D. Which

 3….do you play tennis?-About once a week.

A. How much       B. How many       C. How often    D. How long

4….you see that I’m not well today?

A. Haven’t           B. Aren’t             C. Can’t             D. Didn’t

5….it …..raining yet?

A. Has… stopped          B. Does…stopped       C. Did stop      D. Is stopping

6. Jane didn’t like the film,….?

A. did she           B. didn’t she?        C. didn’t Jane            D. did Jane

7. Bob has never seen her before,…?

A. hasn’t Bob      B. Didn’t Bob      C.did he                     D. has he

8. Ann had to go to school,….?

A. did she           B. had she            C. hadn’t she             D. didn’t she

9.Не will call when he….in the office.

A. was               B. will be              C. is                           D. be

10. Jane will leave before we….

A. come            B. will come        C. came                       D. had come

11. When Ann …., get in touch with her.

 A. will come  back       B. come  back      C. will be  coming  back        D. comes  back

12. Charlie didn’t know what Ann….doing.

A. is                B. has       C. was               would

13. His parents were worried because they ….from him for a long time.

A. didn’t hear     b. don’t hear      C. haven’t heard      D. hadn’t heard

14. I asked  him to tell me where….  

 A. is my book   B. my book        C. was my book      D. my book was

15. My friend wanted….him as soon as I came home.

A. that I call        B. that I called        C. me to call.    D. I called

16. His money …in his pocket.

A. is                  B. are                         C. have been       D. were

17. The news of the election results….surprising.

A. is        B. are        C. has        D. have

18…books belong to me….book  belongs to Kate

A. This, That    B. That, This            C. These, That     D. That, These

19. It’s not your mistake, it’s…..

A. her                B. their                   C. our                   D. theirs

20. Don’t listen to Jane. You need to think for ….., Jane. It’s …..life.

A. yourself, yours   B. yourselves, your       C. yourself, your   D. yourselves, yours

21. There is…milk in the fridge.

A. any      B. some     C. nothing           D. something

22. She never talks to….

A. anyone     B. nobody        C. somebody       D. no one

23. I’m looking for my hat. I can’t find it …..

A. Anywhere        B. somewhere         C. nowhere       D. everywhere

24. The film is….than that one

A. interesting       B. most interesting      С.the most interesting    D. much more interesting

25. John works twice as ….as you.

A. hard      B. harder      C. hardly       D. the  hardest

26. I talked to Bob for a long time….., he listened carefully to every word.

A. and     B. because of       C. although   D. or

27. You will not do it….you try harder.

A. unless       B. in case       C. otherwise      D. though

28….. bad 


 they had a wonderful holiday

A. Although     B. Despite       C. However    D. Even though

29. The sky was cloudy. …., we went to the beach.

A. Consequently     B. Nevertheless         C. In spite of         D. Even though  

30. Neither Ann….Pete could answer my question.

A. nor          B. not         C. or        D. either

31. Did you enjoy….tennis yesterday?

A. to play           B. play       C. played       D. playing

32. I’m not ….. in politics.

A. interesting        B. an interest             C. to interest         D. interested

33. We  went to …. south of ….. Russia last year.

A. the, the        B. a, the        C. the, -          D. -,  -

34. Kerry ….work harder if she wants to pass the exam

A. may    B. can           C. should        D. shouldn’t

35. You …go to bed so late-I’m not surprised you’re tired.

A. don’t have to      B. shouldn’t      C. can         D. may

36 Do you have to….play the guitar to be in the group?

A be able        B. can           C. should        D. be able to

37. It was raining yesterday, so we …. cancel the picnic.

A. had to      B. shouldn’t      C. have to         D. didn’t have to      

38. It was nice to hear …. you.

A. to      B. from     C. by      D. for


39. Don’t …your time doing the lottery. You’ll never win.

A. waste     B. lose       C. give

40. After a long discussion, the professor….his presentation.

A. made up      B. added up      C. summed up

41. When Roger inherited some money he decided to…….his own business.

A. take up     B. set up       C. put up

42. The bank ….took place at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

A. robbery      B. mug      C. theft

43. The student was ….for possession of drugs.

A. appealed       B. arrested       C. sentenced

44. That fish  …..horrible. I’d better open the window.

A. feels       B. smells    C. tastes

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