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Конспект открытого урока по теме "Субкультуры" (автор УМК: В.П. Кузовлев).

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Конспект урока английского языка в 10 классе по теме «Молодежные субкультуры» по УМК Кузовлева В.П. с использованием здоровьесберегающих технологий.

Сажина С.В., учитель высшей квалификационной

категории, Коляновская общеобразовательная средняя школа

Цель урока: совершенствование лексических навыков

Задачи учебные: знать тематическую лексику, совершенствовать практические навыки владения лексикой при описании субкультур, совершенствовать орфографические и грамматические навыки (словообразование, построение разных типов вопросительных предложений, условные предложения), совершенствовать навыки чтения с целью детального понимания, выражать свое мнение и отношение к представителям субкультур.

Задачи развивающие: развивать внимание, ассоциативное мышление, классифицировать лексику по частям речи, уметь находить сходство и различие между представителями разных субкультур, аргументировать свое мнение, приводя примеры, делать выводы, уметь работать во времени.

Задачи воспитательные: воспитывать толерантное отношение к проявлениям иных взглядов, образа жизни и т. п., воспитывать критическое мышление, воспитывать потребность к ведению здорового образа жизни, развивать способность работать сообща, к самоконтролю и взаимоконтролю.


- книга для учащегося English 10-11

- электронная презентация

- раздаточный дидактический материал

- 2 фотографии представителей субкультур

- аудиомагнитофон

- музыкальное произведение для релаксации

План урока

Look at this young girl, please. (The photo of one of the representatives of a subgroup is shown in the presentation). Why does she look like this?

(Students’ own answers)

So, what topic are we going to discuss at today’s lesson? (Students are encouraged to guess it)

To be exact the topic of the lesson is “Subcultures: same or different?” (it is presented on the screen)

I’d like you to answer this question at the end of the lesson and express your attitude towards them.

Encourage students to think about the main aim of the lesson

Whole class

3. Warm-up


To begin with, answer my question. Why is it important to speak about subcultures? (Students are supposed to share their opinions)

I can’t but agree with you here and you’ve given convincing arguments.

Introduce problem question

Whole class

4. Speaking

Let’s remember the specific features of subgroups by completing the chart with necessary words. (The chart is drawn on the board, Ss write the words one by one and comment on what they understand by image, lifestyle and music style.)

Revise previously studied material

Individual work

5. Reading

Now then you know the main specific features of subgroups, let’s remember their names and peculiarities. For this you are to match the names of subcultures and their descriptions. You have 3 minutes. (When they’ve finished, Ss are asked to move around the room by standing at the window, at the door, etc. and read the sentences aloud .Others turn left, right, around, listen and express their agreement or disagreement)

Look at the screen and try to identify the members of young groups.

Practise reading for detail

Encourage Ss to change their poses to relax

Pair work

6. Vocabulary

1. Now then you can identify the members of groups, let’s revise and practise the helpful vocabulary so that you could say what they are like (the same question can be seen on the screen) and express your attitude towards them. For this you are to complete the table with nouns and adjectives (Ss are provided with the cards with gaps. After they have finished the task is checked in the whole class with the help of presentation and the teacher gets the students to practise the pronunciation of these words in whisper, with various intonation, with closed eyes, etc.)

2. So, I’m proud of you, fantastic! Now you’ll be able to understand other people’s opinions about subcultures (the question “What do people think about subcultures?” is displayed on the screen). For this it’s necessary to use the words given in capitals in the correct form.

(Ss are given out the cards and work on their own. After that Ss exchange the cards and check each other. Criteria are given on the board to assess the answers)

Revise and practise vocabulary

Pair work

Individual work

Pair work


And what is your attitude towards the subcultures?

(Ss share their opinions using the model: “I approve of… / I disapprove of … / The fact that … is (not)good)

Improve oral fluency

Whole class

8. Relaxation

Unlike aggressive and loud music of some young groups I offer you to listen to very nice and touching music just to relax and put you in a good mood.

Have a rest

9. Speaking

1. Now then you’ve revised the helpful vocabulary and expressed your attitude to the members of subcultures, I’d like you to divide into 2 groups to guess the representative of the group shown in the photo by asking any questions you like. Remember the word order when asking questions and the topical vocabulary. It’s a game of the kind. (Each group is provided with a photo)

2. You’ve done well. So, answer the key question:

Are subcultures the same or different? Make pairs, please and discuss it. Start your sentences with the expressions: to our mind, we suppose, we’ve come to conclusion that…(Ss have 3 minutes to perform the task, then Ss come out with their ideas)

Practise asking and answering questions about subgroups

Encourage oral exchange of opinions and come to conclusion

Group work

Pair work

Vocabulary Test

I. Match the names of the subgroups and their descriptions.

1. hippie a) … is a “wizard” of computers

2. punk b) … looks very pale and thin

3. goth c) … wears a cowboy hat, long hair

4. raver d)… supports a liberal lifestyle, is classified like a drug user

5. hacker e) … is thought to be violent, create all-night dance parties

6. rocker f) … is regarded to be aggressive, a football fan, uninterested in politics

7. skinhead g) … has brightly coloured hair, rejects everything, dresses in a shocking way

Card 2

Complete the sentences.

1) Subculture is a …

2) Young people join a group to …

3) Hippies are thought to be …

4) Ravers are …

5) Punks wear …

6) I express myself ….

Card 3

What do people think about subcultures?

Use the words given in capitals in the correct form to find out other people’s opinions.

1. it seems to me that rockers are associated with something __________ REBEL

2. Crime for teens is an ____________ of their inability to join in society, I guess. EXPRESS

3. _________ is one of the particular feature of youth cultures and I approve of that. DISTINCT

4. I don’t think it’s good to keep _________ to society’s standards. CONFORM

5. To my mind a subculture is a group with a different style and _________ . IDENTIFY

6. As for me I can’t come out in support of punks because of their_________ music AGGRESSION

and a _________ of everything. REJECT

7. The fact that skinheads are thought to be ________ is awful. VIOLENCE

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