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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Урок английского языка"Ambitions and Dreams"
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  • Иностранные языки

Урок английского языка"Ambitions and Dreams"


Открытый урок

Тема: Ambitions and Dreams

Group : 11.12/32

Lesson plan: Ambitions and Dreams


  1. the educational aim: remind students of the remembering word combinations, and to revise about ambitions and dreams, to give more information about Present Perfect and Past Simple with for and time phases

  2. the development aim: to develop their memory, writing skills, speaking habits about their ambitions and dreams

  3. the up-bringing aim: to teach them to love English language

The type of the lesson: New Lesson

Visual aids: Cutting Edge ‘Students book’, ‘Work book’, Mini dictionary,

multimedia projector, blackboard, chalk

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

  1. greeting with students

  2. speaking about the weather conversation

  3. short conversation between duties

2 Check up home task

Now students who want to tell me about home task? What was your home task?

a) Meanings of a Couch potato , a Live wire and other words

a) How we use going to, planning to, would like to, would rather?

3 Introduction with the new theme.


Ambition – noun, something that you want to achieve in the future.

Example: My ambition is to become a doctor.

Dream – verb, past tense dreamed, dreamt. To think about something that you hope will happen.

Example: I dreamed of being a movie star.


Present Perfect Tense – we use Present Perfect Tense to talk about the past and present together. It tells us something about the present . Example: I’ve met Daniel before. (I know him now)

1 We use the present Perfect with for to talk about an action or state which continue from the past to the present

Example: I’ve been in New Jersey for two weeks.

2 We use the Past Simple with for to talk about a past action or state in a period of time which is finished

Example: I was in New Jersey for two weeks.

Shello_html_m2823cef2.gifhello_html_m441d7c7e.gifhello_html_m5ee0d1.gifhello_html_m5ee0d1.gifhello_html_m5ee0d1.giftudy method

module 7 exercises conclusion

mini - dictionary Language focus 1 Questions about

Language focus 2 grammar and practices

Vocabulary speaking Exercises

1 Match the verbs in A to the phrases in B to make expressions to do with ambitions


learn abroad

become children

earn famous

start a house or flat

hello_html_2af81282.gifgo how to drive

get married

buy 1 million

appear on a novel

go to television

write the world

go round university

have your own business

2 Make three lists of ambitions

Things that most

people do

Things that very few

people do

Things that you think are easy / difficult to do

Learn how to drive

Become famous

Go abroad

Earn million

Get married

Start your own business

Buy a house or flat

Appear on tv

Go to university

Write a novel

Have children

Go round the world

Language Focus 1

Present Perfect and Past Simple with for

Compare the two sentences below

1 Sting has been a famous pop star for over twenty years – Present Perfect

2 Before he became famous, he was a teacher at a primary school for – Past Simple


1 Tick the correct way to complete each sentence

a) I’ve lived in Australia for two years

and I’m very happy here *

as a child

b) I was in Australia for two years

and I’m very happy here

as a child *

2 What are the Past Simple and Present Perfect forms of these forms?

a) regular : work – worked – have/has worked

b) irregular: know - knew – have/has known

3) Write the sentence below in the negative and in the question form

You’ve known him for a long time

You haven’t known him for a long time

Have you known him for a long time?

Time Phrases

There is no time phrase with the Present Perfect. We don’t know exactly when the action happened.

When we use with time words with the Present Perfect, they do not give definite time.

She has just had her first lesson (a short time ago)

It’s already sold a million copies (before expected)

I haven’t finished yet (before now)

He never been abroad (not at any time)

We often use the following time words in the Past Simple

  1. days, dates, times, years – in 1996, yesterday

  2. last and ago - last year, five years ago

  3. questions and statements with When – when I was ten years old

Language focus 2

Present Perfect and Past Simple with other time words

1 Robbie left school in 1995. he is remembering his old school friends. Complete the sentences using the verbs below


Ameet was always interested in business – he always ------ lots of brilliant ideas for making money and his ambition ----- to be a millionaire by the age of twenty – five.

Lucy was a film addict – she sometimes --- to the cinema four or five times a weeks. She ---- to become a famous film actress like her heroine, Halle Berry

Edward was always very quite , and he ---- out very much, he --- most of his time at home in his bedroom, playing games on his computer.

Kate ---- should for at least three hours every evening – when she was eighteen years old, she ---- to become an ecologist and help save the planet

Hennah ---school at all – for some reason, the only subject she ---- was geography!

2 Look at the time words in the box. Which time words can you use with each of the phrases below?


a) I saw him ----

b) I’ve ---- seen him

c) I haven’t seen him ----

Five years old



In 2010


Last year


When I was six years old

Works with CD ROW exercises

Marking students answer

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