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Статья "Mayagatta Bert Khara is our national hero"


МБОУ «Сырдахская СОШ им. И.С. Портнягина»

Статья по теме «Mayagatta Bert Khara is our national hero»

Выполнил: ученик 9 класса

Петров Андрей.

Руководитель: учитель

иностранного языка

Бурцева Галина Владимировна.


Mayagatta Bert Khara is our national hero

Every person has his motherland, dear mother, great father, relatives,ancestors, people whom we proud. So, there is wonderful place “ Kyys Khana” in my native land, Republic of Sakha Yakutia, Ust-aldansky district, Bert-Usovskii village. Here lived our great and famous hero Mayagatta Bert Khara of which we are proud very much. It is excellent that remained a legend about Mayagatta.hello_html_m5e6a7626.jpg

Mayagatta Bert Khara and his mother Eberiken old woman lived in yakut “balagan” on the hill “ Kysyl Syyr”. Because of the thicket it was difficult to see this house.

There is a wide, earthen stove in the “ balagan” of Mayagatta`s mother Eberiken old woman. When she was younger she could move in other places, she was not afraid go to hunt alone. And Eberiken old woman went to fish at the long time.

She moved in Kyys Khana “saylyk” a lot of years ago because she loved this place very much. Eberiken old woman had only child who was lying on the ‘nara’ bed.He could not walk because his legs were paralyzed.

Eberiken old woman poured the soup in wooden bowl. The child lying drank soup wooden lable. So, the boy ate what his mother was bringing during 9 years.

Poor old woman wanted her son to become a walk. She gathered diferent plants, boiled them. Eberiken old woman gave to drink her son Mayagatta and strocked his legs, but it was not result. On the contrary the boy lying grew very quickly. She thought that her son would freeze and wrap it in a blanked of hard in winter. She went to bed late and got up early on the morning.

Eberiken did not go to hurt far because she after the son in the summer. On hot days she took off the bark and covered small windows of their “balagan”. Mayagatta lying on the ‘nara” bed was very sorry for his mother and he respected very much.

Once Eberiken old woman brought the blood. Where she look the blood unknown.

The drank the blood, but he still could not walk.

Mayagatta lying too grown. After 9 years, he was faller adults. He had black curly harr like autumn night. He also had double eye lids, light brown eyes, like a twished iron rings. The boy also had good looks, he became clever, and kind.

In the winter Mayagatta would like to see the people, other plces and his mother set him on a sleign drove to near neighbours overnight. If the neighbours had not had not food all drank only water.

Every spring if she did not have any food, they have always been the night with neighbors.

Also Eberiken preferred fishing. One day Eberiken could not climb the high hill, she hald her right hand and left hand her fishing. Suddenly she slipped and with all mushed down. Old woman was convered in blood. She was very angry and she sayd: ‘ I have become old, even I can not get up on a hill. Untill what age are you going to me, to what age I will carry you on a sleigh. Why as a normal child you can not walk and help your mother.

The boy was afraid his mother’s blood. He left dizzy, his heart sank. The whole hill was red in his eyes. He said: The raid hill. Eberiken was very surprised and she wanted help her son, that Mayagatta said that he will rise on the hill, that will do it all himself, help his mother. Then went down into snow and broke his sleigh.

They help each other get to the house “balagan”.

Since then the boy began to walk with crutches. When Mayagatta Bert Khara was 18 years old. He became very strong, very fast and very tall. His tool was a bow. His mother adviced him to make three different bows. There are a bow for hunting, a bow for playing and personal bow. Making a bow is very hard. Eberiken old woman knew all secrets how make it. They chose the best part of a solid wood and dried it in the shade. They chose one hundred brich and only one of them came to bow. Also they used a fish’s bladder, an elk’s dorsal tendon and various animals.

Bert Khara was very strong and friendly. He never used his weapon to fight with someone.hello_html_13aec07f.jpg

Mayagatta liked fishing. Other people knew from his mother where and when he was going to fish. They advance come to see on the lake where he had come to fish. They watched him de fly fished and admired his strength. Then people could not catch up with him when he returned at home. He was very huge and he walked very fast. When the people came to his mother was giring people fish of Mayagatta. He said: If you need a fish, a food come to here all together. So, Mayagatta Bert Khara helped poor people.

Eberiken old woman had skillful hands. She was able to do every think. She also knew how to make clay pots. Eberiken asked son to cross the river Aldan and visit Verkhoyansk mountain. She asked him to bring a clay. When she made the clay pots she draw different pictures using, the legs of animals. Eberiken made very good crockery. Then she gave them poor people. In those days, the Yakutsk was not a cast-iron, iron, copper, and aluminium, glassixware. Our ancestors, grandmothers, grandfathers used the clay and wooden dishes.

Our wise grandmothers could make the clay dishes like Eberiken old woman. And they spreaded their handicraft.

Now we can see the clay and wooden dishes only in a museum.

Once when Bert Khara back at home, he saw two big oxen. They could hurt children who were afraid of the fighting. Mayagatta came very quickly took an ox neck and pushed down. This ox horn fell right into the ground. Bert Khara is as if nothing had happened next went at home did not even look back.

Old people were very afraid of the river, they just did not fit and went to a distance from it. They even did not talk loudly near the river. Also old people hung on the “salama” to the river Lena’s ropes and allowed the offering. Because they loned very much and honored their motherland nature.

Mayagatta Bert Khara was not afraid the river. He took out of the sand root of the tree, he dragged into the river and sat on horseback. He was never scared latitude and endless views of the river. He crossed the river for hunting. He could easily catch elk male, catch a terrible bear for long hair near the ears and shot up the tree. Then Mayagatta tied an elk`s legs to a thick stick and threw a bear on his powerful neck. He made himself a raft to take across his bag. So, the best swimmer, brave, smart and savvy Yakut hero is not afraid of high winds, rough currents. According to the custom of the Yakuts successful hunter shared the bag with his people.

Hunter`s law not to stock a lot, not to hoard supplies.

Yakut`s national holiday is Ysyakh. Bert Khara and his mother liked to visit this holiday. Mayagatta took part in different national sports competitions. He surprised his people a powerful force. People came from far away to look at him.

Bert Khara was a great marksman and famous hunter. But he was very good-hearted and very clever. Mayagatta was not touchy, he was responsive.

Once in the middle of summer he came to hunt in place « Toyon Muru». After hunting Mayagatta noticed the beautiful nature of this place, the biggest lake where were the ducks and fishes. He said: «I would like to leave something on the memory of my future generation because I am so proud that I was born on the perfect land». Then Mayagatta Bert Khara broke a huge piece of wood and put it near the extinct fire. Since then, every passer by or a passing stopped near the tree to relax, gaun strength and energy of the spirit of the great hero. People respected him and did not hurt this tree.

At the time when other fighters heard about Bert Khara, they would kill him to get the glory.hello_html_m5d879705.jpg

Tygyn toyon lived on the great land Tuymaada. He was very rich and had a lot of fighters. He was very well-known in Yakutia. And he visited Kyys Khana twice to meet Mayagatta’s force. And he invited Bert Khara on the holiday ”ysyakh”. He was admired Mayagatta’s wins in the festive tournament and Tygyn him “Bert Khara”. Social term “khara” translated as “private, commoner”. Tygyn toyon knew about Mayagatta’s origins and gave the name of which means “the best of the common” people and thet emphasizes the social position of warrior.

Mayagatta won the competitions of Ysyakh he had to marry the daughter Tygyn. She name is was Tynaany Kuo. But this girl was sly and very quickly ran. She said: «If you will catch up me you can marry me». And she ran away. But he still caught up the girl and took her immediately he headed home. Tygyn toyon was outraged that Mayagatta so simply went away and sent affer him his sons to kill him .Him he was already on the other bank of the river.

So, our national hero Mayagatta Bert Khara was the remarkable man. Mayagatta’s descendants have created a large village, where I live. And I would like to say that I’m very proud of our national hero.


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